Steven Prieur (2 Dec 2011)
"To Bruce Baber: Military Power and Obama's total control"

I have been speculating for some time now that Obama's only way to remain in power is to declare Marshal Law. Giving so much power to the Military only makes sense, when police forces are obsolete.
China's teeth are showing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let's see again the domino's are getting ready to fall.
Iran is just about had enough.
Pakistan is not talking to us.
China is in a position to take it's role are the worlds super power once America is involved in another war.
Israel ready to strick Iran.
WW3 is just around the corner.
America is DONE once we become involved in another middle east war. It is amazing just how blind and nieve the liberal media is. Just what do they thing Russia and China are doing? I sit in awe with their blindness. I firmly believe the war will start and then the rapture will take place. I guess the liberal media is so focused on the 2012 election everything else is not important.
Just notice this! Obama is not worried about the election. Why,,,,,hummm, because his plan is set, his power is not in the USA it will be supported by other world leaders. Don't be surprised when all this comes to be.
Stand strong doves and do not lose hope

Steven P