Phil (6 Jan 2012)
"The number 27"

John and Doves,
I just did another calculation from Jan 28th to Obama's birthday this year at
the very centre of the London Olympic Games on 4th August.
It is exactly 27 weeks!
On 2/12 Jimmy Lishman wrote about the number 27 (9+9+9) or 3(3+3+3) and how he
heard a voice telling him this number in 2010.
When I read Jimmy's letter I had just done some internet banking (as you do) and transferred some dollars from one account to another.
I was astonished to see the balance in the 'from' account was $727.27 because I had written about this sort of thing before!
On 7th Dec I wrote -
"The competitive quote was $127.27.
When I saw the 27.27 I had a cold shiver of excitement run up my spine as I remembered exactly a week ago
on Dec 1 when I came across an invoiced amount of $2,727.27!
Then I did the calculation to see how much cheaper the quoted item was compared to the invoiced item.
$165.00 - $127.27 = $37.73!
I nearly fell off my chair as 37 x 73 are the factors for the Hebrew gematria of the very first verse of the Bible!
And this, exactly 7 days after the 272727 special invoice event.
Very odd. Could be a message there. Could just be coincidence." - end quote.
Praise God for He is Holy and to be praised!
Keep looking up,