Jimmy Lishman (2 Jan 2012)
"27,27... it will be 27 - a repeat of January 2010"

A blessed and fruitful year to all the waiting Doves and especially to you John for this vehicle of praise – the Five Doves site.

The posting of our brother Ron Reese brought a happening to mind in January of 2010 which I posted on 5 Doves regarding the voice that spoke in my bedroom while I was doing Bible study..27, 27 it will be 27 and if the possibility of the Great Tribulation starting on 28 January pans out, how timely would our glorius Rapture be, one day before that day – I am sure it will have a no small effect on the start of the time of wrath.

This morning in the church service the Spirit echoed in me what the burden of each of the called faithful might amount to.

For the evangelist - am I getting thru, do I rightly divide the word – do the people hear my heart….

For the missionary – one more soul to save , if I can only complete my great commission…Then HE will come on the clouds…


And especially to the Watchman…

SOON….VERY SOON – and such is the weight placed on the watchman – he is given a time (which he might not divulge as datesetting is frowned upon by all except us watchmen)and he must blow the horn so that all might come to the saving grace thru repentance – great is the weight of the progressive revelation thru the SPIRIT as to the shortage of time – and the ‘un-hearing’ ears of the nations – HIS TIME IS UP, the New Jerusalem waits, and only those saved might live in the majesty of the New Jerusalem.
Won’t you hear – now is the acceptable time to give your heart to JESUS, for only thru HIM will you live in all eternity in the place HE had gone to prepare, 2000 years ago!


I suppose we as watchmen can all relate to the burning desire to say only 26 days – come to repentance now…but somehow if we could convey the urgency of the time to a world only interested in the next party time…..

I stand in prayer to our LORD JESUS that through the HOLY SPIRIT HE would empower us as only HE can, give us the opportunities and then make the converts through the HOLY SPIRT to HIS GLORY.


Maranatha HE comes on the clouds – shortly
to HIM all the glory and power and praise in all eternity