Phil (31 Jan 2012)
"Re Steve B's "To Mathman: No one knows the Day or Hour""

John and Doves,
Thanks to Steve B for a very well presented and thought out letter.
Steve gave us a date of May 5th to watch for.
Jan 28th was also a day to watch and April 11th too. We saw that from Jan 28th to April 11th was 91 days
or 13 weeks,  a number said by some to be the length of WW3. But Jan 28th has come and gone with no
such event happening.
However, I decided to check the time between May 5th and August 4th, Obama's birthday, at the very centre
of the London Olympic Games. Well it is 91 days or 13 weeks!!! (7 x 13).
May 5th is day #126. 126 = 7 x (6+6+6).
Obama's birthday this year is day #217 because it is a leap year. 217 = 7 x 31 (the reverse of 13).
So, 7 x 18 goes through 7 x 13 to 7 x 31 for these two dates. And 7 is involved in all three calculations!
Finally, the day gap between April 11th to May 5th = 24 days or 8+8+8 days.
This means 13 weeks plus 4 weeks plus 13 weeks points to Obama's birthday on Aug 4th at the very centre
of the London Olympic Games.
Keep looking up,