Steve B (28 Jan 2012)
"To Mathman: No one knows the Day or Hour"

     Mathman, I am with you.  If God did not expect us to know the day and hour of His coming, He sure spent a lot of time and words giving us some serious clues as to the time of the event.  Further, He severely admonishes those who do not heed His words and are caught unaware.
     Over and over, men take these words which Jesus spoke....."No man knows the day or hour".... and apply them to His coming for the bride or His coming in power.  Let us examine the Matthew 24 passage in a little detail and see just what it was that Jesus was speaking of when He said in vs 36, "But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven but my Father only."
    This signs of the end of the age passage starts appropriately at the beginning of chapter 24.  In vs 1, the scene is set.  Jesus and His disciples are departing the temple.   In vs 2, Jesus prods the disciples by telling them that this temple would soon (at a future date) be utterly destroyed (not one stone left standing).
     By vs 3, they have arrived at the Mount of Olives.  It is here the disciples curiosity has peaked and they  come to Him privately, saying......"Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?"  
    Note their question(s).  Actually, there are 2.....and these two separate events (seperated by at least a millenium) have been confused and thrown together ever since.  The disciples are clearly confused about these last days events and lump the questions together.  They did however use the conjunction "and" to divide the question into its 2 parts.  When shall these things be and what are the signs apply to both questions.....the question about His coming and the question about the end of the world.
     I have found in my scriptural studies that God's word is meticulous and very well thought out.  Jesus' words are even more so.  If we continue with the passage we will see that Jesus, the consummate gentlemen, carefully answers both questions
     I will not attempt to recite the rest of the chapter.  It covers many points, all related to the questions asked.  As for me, I have always found the KJV to be the most prophetically revealing.  I do love the way Jesus begins His answer......."Take heed that no man deceive you."  Along that vein, anyone who has the ability and will not read (study) God's word for himself is deceived already.
     Direct to the point, the whole passage is an answer to the disciples question about the when will be and what are the signs of His coming.....except 2 verses, vs 35 and 36.....and these 2 verses answer the question about the timing of the end of the world.
     From vs 5 to 34, Jesus is speaking about His coming with a summary and key sign in verses 32-34.  There is no more important clue than found right here concerning the sign of the Fig Tree.  This late spring, we will be at the end of the fully complete 44th stripe of the sign of the Fig Tree.  The Secrets of Wisdom are double to that which is.....and the double 4 is the strongest of all prophetic symbols concerning the bride.  I will speak to that later, but it is time to look up and get prepared.
     Jesus now takes a break in His passage about when and what are the signs of His coming.  He now addresses the second question.  When shall be the end of the world?  His answer follows the scriptural pattern.  God tells man very little about what went on before the time of man and tells us very little about the time after His second coming.....even less about events after the milleniel reign and white throne judgment.  I conclude God figures we have no need to least not during our flesh life as mortal man.  He will surely have time to fill men in on the details of His milleniel reign after He gets here. 
     So Jesus' answer concerning the "when will be the end of the world" are then appropriately brief.....and I might add rather blunt.   Vs 35, "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away."  Vs 36, "But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but the Father only."   Take note that "But of that day and hour" is directly refering to the previous verse about when heaven and earth shall pass away.    
      In vs 37, Jesus again switches gears, back to that which is important for man to know and consider......when is He coming and what are the signs.  He concludes chapter 24 with a dire warning to those who would not heed His words, i.e. would not watch,.....therefore are caught offguard.  Jesus tells that man....He will cut him asunder.
     If I have counted correctly, Jesus gave us 45 verses in this chapter about what are the signs of His second coming and when shall it be..... versus 2 about when shall be the end of this world.  Further, He abruptly cuts off the discussion about when shall be the end of this world by telling us no man knows, not even the angels but the Father only.   On the other hand, here and throughout scripture, we are given clue after clue about the signs of His coming, even when it shall be.  Further, Jesus sternly admonishes those men who would be so unwise as to be caught unaware.  
     Actually, I think men have been given so many clues that we are just overwhelmed.  The answer is so simple that men will be stunned when the events unfold.  The answer is in the numeric symbols of scripture and none are so central and profound than the figure of 7 with the cardinal midpoint 4 divider.
   See if you can see it in the description of the 7 candle Mennorah in Exodus 25: 31-40.  Compare it with the 7 candles before the throne in Revelations 1: 12-13 & 20.  Note that vs 20 says there is a mystery to this design.  Now, look at creation week in Genesis 1.  See if this 7 day week does not have a special day which declares who will win the battle over right to rule and judge (divide).  See if you can see the bride in the sun, moon analogy. 
    Lastly, check out the 7 week Feast of Weeks which connect the spring feasts from Passover to Pentecost.  Read Numbers 9 and see if you can determine where this feast falls in this 7 week Sabbath count.   I will tell you that when the spring feast days are lined up on the appropriate the day of the week as they should be, this little known feast will fall exactly on the 4th Sabbath Omer of the7 week Feast of Weeks.  Passover is the only doubly celebrated feast.....and the Secrets of Wisdom are double to that which is.   From Genesis to Revelations, this 7 with preeminent 4 design is central to God's prophetic plan....and without doubt, the bride and the 4 are tied.  
    Is God in control?  Take the western alphabet, 26 letters, and number them 1-26.  God adds to 26, but the first and last letters of God hold the place of 7 and 4.  Jesus adds to 74 and the vowels add to 26.  Joshua also adds to 74 and so does the word cross.  The 4 is the only number in which you can physically see the cross.  John adds to 47, a mirror (reverse) image of the the moon reflects the light of the sun.   John the Revelator is the foreshadow bride and John the Baptist is the foreshadow member of the groom's bridal party, i.e. friend of the groom (John 3:29).  There's much more to this, just touching the surface to get you to see the point. 
   The figure of 7 with the cardinal midpoint and preeminent 4 is a central numeric symbol in scripture.  It has to do with God's prophetic plan to deal with the rebellion and sin.  It has to do with who will win the battle for God's throne.....light or darkness.  Clearly in day 4 of creation week, God declared the sun (Son, i.e. light) will win the battle for right to rule and divide (judge).....but alongside Him, the bride (moon) will rule also.  Yet, the battle rages.  In Revelations, we see the 2 beasts come to power at the end of the 4th seal, following the 4th horse.  Futher, the second beast comes to power at the end of the 4th trumpet.   It is simply the story over the battle to right to rule.  
     Faith and Hope both add to 44....that double 4 thing.  Add 30 (an emphatic number of the Holy Spirit) and we get 74.  Nothing is more central to the believer than Faith and Hope.  It's what we cling to until Shiloh comes.  By the way, rapture adds to 99.  The number of immortal man is 9.....sort of an inverted 6.  We see Second Passover originates in Numbers 9.  99....that double thing again.  Note that Christ adds to 77....a double 7.  There's some clues in that too.....later.
     This late spring will close out the 44th stripe of the sign of the Fig Tree (the acquisition of the disputed lands gained in the '67 war of Israel).    It would have coincided with the 404th stripe of the birthright blessing which fell to Ephraim.  Instead, it falls on the 3.5 year mark of the curse of Leviticus 26 (the laws of blessing and cursing).....which began with the seating of the 111th Congress and President Obama.    3.5 years is the same as 42 months ....the exact dividing point of the 7 year curse.  In Daniel and Revelations this is called, "times, time and half a time" or  "times, time and the dividing of time.  It is the same amount of time which each of the beasts serve in power and the same amount of time granted the 2 witnesses.  It not only perfectly divides the 7 as does the cardinal midpoint is a harbinger for major change.  Nothing will bring change like the events of the rapture of the bride.  The rapture events will close with the opening of the seals.
    I spoke of feast days falling on specific days of the God set forth as early as Genesis 1.  Remember, God numbered the days.....He did not name them.  When Passover falls correctly, it falls on a Thursday.  More exact, the lamb is killed on Wednesday (day 4) afternoon, the meal eaten right after sunset (technically a Thursday by God's way of reckoning) and the midnight cry Passover occurs sometime around midnight between Wednesday and Thursday.  Technically, Passover then occurs on Thursday.  When we throw Second Passover into the then falls on a Saturday Sabbath, 7th day of the week.  It begins on Friday sundown and goes to Saturday sundown....with the midnight cry (which alerts the virgins) falling somewhere in between.  Look for this event to fall on a Sabbath day.
   This year is unique.  The full moon Passover is on a Wednesday/Thursday, in it should be.  The full moon of Second Passover, in May,  falls on a Friday/Saturday.....just as it should.  The rule of Ecclesiastes 1:9 comes into play here......."what has been shall be", etc.  Remember to keep the Sabbath holy.  I concede that the event could even be one more full moon later....early June, but that May 5 (5-5) sure sounds intriguing. 
     Scripture doesn't indicate that the rapture is just a sudden disappearance either.  In fact, scripture indicates that it is 3 events over time....even a 4th event which follows the ascension of the living bride.  I expect it to be somewhat stressful......joyous yes, but stressful nonetheless.  We will talk about it later.