Kevin Heckle (4 Jan 2012)
"Abe - RE: Transit of Venus-sign of the antichrist"

As per your interest in the Transits of Venus (here) I wanted to respond to a few things.  I'm not sure which Rosh Hashanah Nichole is referring to, as it doesn't happen in 2012.  The only time recently that Venus was in the 'womb' of Virgo on or near Rosh Hashanah was in the year 2000 and then again in 2008. 
As for the transit occurring on 6/6/2012, I would take the opposite stance as it representing Christ ascending to the throne, rather it is symbolic of the antichrist's emulation or promoting himself to the throne of God.  The transits of 2004 and 2012 occur right in the center of the horns of Taurus, sounding particularly like Daniel's ram with 2 high horns in 8:3, 'one higher than the other'.  Of course the prophecy that follows is referring to Alexander the Great. 
You listed these dates for transits:
                        1631 Dec 07
                        1639 Dec 04
                        1761 Jun 06
                        1769 Jun 03
                        1874 Dec 09
                        1882 Dec 06
                        2004 Jun 08
                        2012 Jun 06
                        2117 Dec 11
                        2125 Dec 08
As you stated, when one occurs another one usually occurs 8 years later.  That is because of the mathematics of 8/13.  For every 13 orbits Venus makes, earth makes 8 so consequently Venus will be roughly in the same place in the sky it was 8 years earlier, the reason the transits of 2004 and 2012 are 8 years apart.  During those 8 years, Venus will have 5 inferior conjunctions with the sun, occuring 215.54 degrees apart with only the ones in 2004 and 2012 actually crossing the face of the sun, similar to an eclipse.
13 x 224.6952622 (orbital period)= 2921.04 days
8 x 365.2421896 (tropical year) = 2921.94 days
5 x 583.9202 (conjunction period) = 2919.601 days
You will notice though that from 1639 until 1761 is about 122 years, 121.5 to be exact.  The one just 8 years before in 1631 until 1761 was 129.5 years.  In actuality, the half-period is 121.5 years and the transits overlap by 8 years.  The full-period from one transit to the next is 243 years.   Now counting back from 2012, 243 years lands on the transit of 1769 which is the beginning and end of the actual transit cycle.  Due to the pentagonal precession of the Venus conjunction (caused by the slight difference of the 13/8/5 orbital/conjunction periods) the greater period of completion takes 1215 years or 5 - 243 year periods.    I found it interesting that you mentioned 8's, as there have been 8 of those 243 year cycles from 60AD - 2004AD and 68AD-2012AD which was about the time John wrote the book of Revelation in exile on the isle of Patmos. 
Venus, to the ancients was two different objects, just as you recognized an eastern and western or morning and evening star.  Its Greek names eosphoros and whesphoros are the origins of our words east and west.  The old Greek spelling of 'whesphoros' had a gematria value of 666.  The word in Isaiah 14 'Lucifer' is really the Latin word for the celestial object Venus.  The king of Babylon (a type of the antichrist) lifted himself up like the morning star in the east but then was fallen (like the western star in the evening).  There are also occasions when the morning star appears to rise, but then after a few days sinks back below the horizon due to retrograde motion. 
Jesus is very specific in Revelation as symbolically referencing himself to 'the bright and morning star' and it is the significant last words spoken by Him in the NT.  It is not unusual though for the Bible to use the same object to describe two different entities, like Jesus is the Lion of Judah while Satan is also described as a lion.  Of course the bright and morning star of Revelation and the one referenced in Isaiah 14, comparing the uprising of the king of Babylon, are one and the same object but two different symbols of people.  However, in the sense that the western object (whesphoros = 666) transforms itself into the eastern object (morning star) in the center of the Bull's horns on 6/6 I believe it is symbolic or a sign of the antichrist's rise to power.  Time will tell.
It was around the time of Jesus that the Greek recognized the fact that the eastern and western physical objects were one and the same Venus.  They renamed it 'phophoros' which the KJV interprets as 'day star'.  2 Peter 1:19 makes a comparison to 'the more sure word of prophecy' and the 'day star' arising in our hearts.  The new knowledge of Jesus' Gospel revealed the OT prophecies with a new light of knowledge, just as the realization that the eastern and western stars were actually one and the same.
Kevin H.