Abe (3 Jan 2012)
"Re: Nicole's notes on Transit of Venus"

In Nicole's recent post:  http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/jan2012/nicole12-1.htm she mentioned something that was new to me:

"Remember how I said that the transit of Venus from 6/5-6/6/2012 was a representation of the manchild being delivered to the throne, since Venus was in the womb of Virgo at Rosh Hashanah and was the sign of Revelation 12?"

Thanks for posting that, Nicole!  :)  That was a piece of the puzzle I was looking for!  Here are a few more pieces...

On Rosh Hashannah 2011, Venus was to the left of the Sun, making it the "Evening Star", which means Venus after the Sun sets.  This bugged me, since in Rev 22:16 Jesus says "I am the bright and Morning Star."

When Venus transits on June 6th, it will go from "Evening Star" to "Morning Star".  This means Venus will rise just before the Sun does. 

This switch over is not rare, but Venus passing directly in front of the Sun is!  (Which makes this change important.)

According to NASA, these are the dates on which Venus passes in front of the Sun from our perspective.

                        1631 Dec 07
                        1639 Dec 04
                        1761 Jun 06
                        1769 Jun 03
                        1874 Dec 09
                        1882 Dec 06
                        2004 Jun 08
                        2012 Jun 06
                        2117 Dec 11
                        2125 Dec 08

Source:  http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/OH/transit12.html

Note the pattern of 8 years between the closely paired Venus transits.

June 6th is 8 Months, 8 days after Rosh Hashanna 2011:


So, in summary we have the Sun darkened on May 20th, the Moon turns blood red on June 4th, the Venus becomes the Morning Star on June 6th.  All occurring around Passover through Pentecost, but not falling on key dates.

**** Lindsey Williams recently mentioned a November 21st 2002 date regarding bankers on the Alex Jone's show (2011-12-30).  2012-01-06 is 3333 days after that key event.  2012-01-06 is also 153 days before the Venus transit date.
  Listen:  http://www.youtube.com/user/TheAlexJonesChannel#p/u/15/IULvnqb1BOg (about 2:30)  And I assume you know how important '33' is to the occult worshipping elite, interesting that they should focus on this date...

Other misc notes:

* Saturn is 'born again' in Virgo around July 21st 2012.  (Was born on 11-11-11)

* April 14th is 777 days after the Concepcion, Chile 8.8 quake on 2010-02-27  (interesting since another post mentioned 2012-04-13 as a key date for other reasons.)

* Hanukkah may be a message to Israel that their 'oil' will be preserved through the 7 year Tribulation and they'll make it to the 8th 'day' when Yeshua returns.  The pattern of Maccabees suggests a time of Jacob's trouble rededication of Israel to me.  The implication is that we pro-Israel Christians will not be here to do such a function.  Just my 2c.