Joe M (23 Jan 2012)
"Clay Cantrell's Ship Dream"

You posted a dream on the 14th of January.
Do you think it could be the Costa Concordia?
In your dream, two were dead regarding st thomas cathedral.  Then you looked up st thomas cathredal and found it in NY city.  There are two Americans missing or dead, active in their catholic church.
You dreamed there were adults and kids and that the ship was long and oval.   Just like the Concordia.  You dreamed it was silent.  A ship can be silent.  You dreamed the underside was toxic white powder, and that the toxic white powder may be dangerous.  The ship is white and they're worried about it leaking fuel.  You dreamed a dry docked boat was filled with detox solution - don't know about that yet.  You dreamed people were listening to broadcasts about it and were scared and nervous - I'm sure the families were doing just that.  And you dreamed there were maps tracking the path of the ship - I've seen that on tv reports.
Had any other dreams?