Clay Cantrell (14 Jan 2012)
"Dream of the Toxic Flying Ship"


During the morning of January 13th, 2012 I had a long and complex dream which I submit for your review.

In the dream I was with a group of people, whom I did not know. Adults and kids, both. The scenario was that some kind of alien ship had was flying in the skies of what I thought was the Northeastern USA. This ship was not of any known human technology, at least in my opinion. The shape I cannot draw, but it seemed long with an oval top to it. It was flying VERY slowly and was flying very low. It was silent.

The underneath side of the ship was covered in some kind of toxic white powder (?) and wherever the ship flew, what ever was under the ship became toxic. I have no idea what it was, but it contaminated everything under it. It must have been chemical agent of some kind? My impression was that it was not spraying anything, but somehow this toxic powder (?) was coming off the ship and it was dangerous, and that this ship was doing this on purpose. We were in the path of the ship and things that had been contaminated were in a special solution or 'bath' in an attempt to detox them. I saw what seemed to be a drydocked boat someone owned, that they had filled with some solution (?) and objects were sitting in this solution to detox them. It was my impression that this was futile.

The whole country was tracking the ship's path, where it had been and where it was going. People were listening to broadcasts about it, and very scared and nervous. I was in a room with a large group of people and we were working at a large table on which were maps and charts tracking the path of the ship; where it had been and where it might go. I was nervous in the dream also. People were hoping to not be in it's path. If you were in it's path, you were in trouble.

It was a very bright sunny afternoon, maybe summer. It was hot about 3pm. we were outside at one point. A family member of mine was in the dream, who has been dead for many years. He sat on the ground reading a newspaper, flanked by two kids. I was standing up in front of him. He put the newspaper down and put his right hand over his eyes and started to cry. I asked him "Whats the matter?" He responded ...

"Two dead .... St. Thomas Cathedral...."

He was crying and couldn't seem to finish his statement, but my clear impression was that this Cathedral had been destroyed. That there was more to the account than what he told me.

I woke up at that point, pretty unnerved actually.

I googled St. Thomas Cathedral, and found that there really is such a cathedral in downtown New York City, USA. I've never heard of the place, nor did I know anything about it.

I post this dream because of it's detail and length, but I'm not saying it's from the Lord. Also, I've had dreams with this particular family member in them before, and I pay attention to all of them. I've never had a dream about any alien anything.