JMS (18 Jan 2012)
"to Mike Thomson answer to Nicolas /about Nostradamus"

dear Mike.

In a way I agree with you, but on the other hand I dont, because of few years back I totaly
would mean the same, - but the Holy Spirit changed my mine, by remembering me about: this is
not a normal situation, it's a spirituel war - and the Almighty of course use what and who He
find best. Never forget: HE IS THE ALMIGHTY GOD AN CREATOR - the only way you can help Him is
to listen, pray and obey !!!  

remember the ancient example - Kyros, - the situation with Jonah and Nineveh, - Nebucadnecar
and the great image, and a lot of other situations in the Bible.
the best example was when Jesus was born, the Holy Spirit send three
chaldean wise men, a kind of astrologers etc.

Why ?

Because of Israel or Judah house as it was, and still only is, was in the same stupid arrogant
and 'we know better' - as in our time - a great part of christianity to, - so the Holy Spirit
took this chaldean 'wise men' who perhaps know of Daniel,and probably came from the same place
(now it is in Iran)

and back again to the prediction from Nostradamus, interesting is it, that dr.Owour said that
he have seen a great US-warship be hit by missil, and turn upside down, - we all thought maybe
dr.Owour to, that it was in a war starting with the Korean peninsula, because dr.Owour ment it
was N.Korean missiles.

The interesting is, the Iranian missiles is a combination of N.Korean and Russian teknology,
and at least one great US-warship is in Hormuz-strait right now !!!

so instead of all this: *we know-better-pride* - we should not like eve believe in the lie of
satan's, that she/we could know the exactly plan of the Almighty, let's never forget that we still only
are dust in the hand of the Great Creator, - let His will be done, not our's, - its the best
for us all, - let's never try to 'limit' the Lord, or tell Him what to do, He use what
He find best, and be sure, it is the best,

All Praise and Glory to the Almighty God for ever ! - in the Love from Jesus, - jms.><>*