Frank R Molver (6 Jan 2012)
"One day around Purim?, N Poon, Gerlinda, Kevin M, Tyra, pictures"

There sure has been a lot of interesting posts lately.
Obama seems to be up to something
Kevin M posted some interesting visions re Obama, the economy and Iran.
Tyra shared something re April 13 and an economic D day
I surmised that something had to happen before that..
Gerlinda posted something re Purim this March which may be a celebration after a brief conflict with Syria and Iran.
From that I thought about the drawings of visions shared by Nicole Poon.
One there was an aircraft carrier coming out of a cave.
I suspect it will come out of it's secret mission and attack
There is one were a tall building in the ME is destroyed, I suspect it is the tallest building in the world now.
Then there is a series starting Dec 14 in the link below.
It starts with her asking for a date and seeing a arrow being aimed at a bird with a target on it
It is followed by a golf scene with the number 77 on it.
It is followed by a trophy
Place your cursor over these pictures to see the comments
Assuming that the number 77 are days, that would add up to March 1 which is close to Purim
It may indicate the day that Esther began her fast.