Gerlinda (4 Jan 2012)

Subject: Purim
In a 1991 article on Purim, Gary Stearman reminded us“If we count the festivals beginning with Rosh Hashanah,  Purim is the tenth festival out of 22 in the Jewish calendar. Alphabetically Rosh HaShanah is the first feast represented by the first letter aleph (t)the letter of “creation.” This feast signifies “the birthday of the world.” Purim corresponds with the Hebrew letter yod (h) which refers to the “unseen hand of God.”    This reminds me of the very short dream I had recently of a plate slipping out of my hand, waking up before there was any crash and hearing the audiable voice saying, "My Hand".    Althought it was so short, the clear man's voice alerted me that it was God speaking to me.  But, what did it mean?   I am still waiting for a clear answer on that and believe it may pertain to an actual Plate slippage in the near future at the Hand of God, Himself. 
But getting back to Purim, it is a celebration very much like the West's Halloween where there are costumes and masks.  It is one time of the year that the religious Jews allow their young men to go out and drink to "drunkeness".  All holds seem to be barred.  It reminds me a whole lot like of  the scriptures that tell us it was like in the Days of Noah where the people did their own thing with much eating and drinking  taking carousing .   It is a description that sort of shocks those of us that don't see the religious Jews as acting this way.  But the victory over Haman was so great that a yearly celebration takes place.  Let's pray that this year won't be a time when the masks of the "Pretenders" come off and carnage takes place.   So, when is Purim this year?  It is Adar 14/15 Purim....this year March 8/9, 2012/
King Ahasuerus issued a nationwide decreestating that on the 13th day of the month Adar the Jews could legally avenge themselves upon their enemies. Esther 9:5 tells what happened:“Thus the Jews smote all their enemies with the stroke of the swordand slaughterand destructionand did what they would unto those that hated them.”  Thereafterthe Jews began to commemorate Purim on the two days following their victory — Adar 14 and 15.
Did you notice what was said?  It is the one day that the Jews could legally smote their enemies.  Who is their number one enemy that swears to destroy them?  Ironic, isn't it, that it is the Persians/Iranians once again.  Israel has a history of of waiting until the hand of vengence is lifted first before taking action. 
Here is what J.R. Church quoted from The Prophecy From Book Of Enoch On Iran's Role In Armageddon:
     “And in those days the angels will assemble and turn their heads toward the east towards the people of Parthia and Media [Persia/Iran ]in order to excite the kings and that a spirit of disturbance come over them and disturb them from off their thrones that they come forth from their resting places like lions and like hungry wolves amidst their flocks. And they will ascend and step upon the land of their chosen and the land of his chosen will be before them a threshing-floor and a path. But the city of my just will be a hindrance.... And in those days the mouth of Sheol will be openedand they will sink into it and their destruction.  Sheol will devour the sinners from the presence of the chosen...”
If the church is gone this month; that is great.  I also believe she will be taken just seconds prior to some great destruction.  But, if for some reason, it comes later....perhaps Purim is a very good time to consider since it is the 10th of 22 Jewish festivals.  Perhaps, the Unseen Hand of God is coaxing the Edomites ever closer to their demise.
I agree with Kari that 2012/13 is the most pivitol year of all since back in 2005, Israel's third and final Wilderness Period of 14,400 days were completed on Rosh haShanah, Oct. 2/3.
I add another piece of information from Isaiah 7 where the story promises the King of Israel that the rulers of Ephraim and Assyeria would not prevail over him before the 65th year.  This could have a second prophetic meaning.   Israel reborn in 1948 + 65 = just prior to Israel's New year...Rosh haShanah 2013.  Since, the evidence is very clear that the USA is, by and large, of Ephraim and her leader is in league with those of the Edomites of the Middle East, there could be some great calamity that would spoil her plans to take over Jerusalem.
I leave this in the hands of all you Math-men out there to see if any of this tickles your numbers.