Frank R Molver (31 Jan 2012)
"re Carrier Lincoln"
This is a drawing from a vision by Nicole Poon
Seems to be symbolic of a carrier placing itself in the open in harms way
Kind of like what the Abraham Lincoln is doing now when it accepted Iran's challenge not to enter the gulf
The letter by Mike is very intriguing

A 1975 vision of a carrier with the number 72 being hit by torpedo's
That happens to be the Abraham Lincoln
Lots of interesting parallels re Abraham Lincoln and this ship
Will it be used to appease the wrath of the rebel Islamic world.
Kind of like Lincoln's assassination appeased the revenge of the South
Very strange indeed.
A pretext for war
Iran will certainly not wait until the Navy Seal platform ship will arrive in May
They will act soon enough
Syria may spark it off first it seems
Looks like fireworks soon