Mike Curtiss (30 Jan 2012)
"Damascus, Syria Shia, Sunni, the Moslem Brotherhood, the USS Lincoln in Bible Prophecy"

Dear Doves,

         Some of you have read about a vision I had about a modern naval battle. In 1975, I witnessed a Nimitz class aircraft carrier with the white number 72 prominently displayed on it's island and flight deck, as she was struck repeatedly by deadly missiles. After waking from this vivid life like nightmare drenched in sweat, an immediate trip to the public library greatly reassured me. The US Navy had only one super carrier, the USS Nimitz and President Jimmy Carter was unlikely to build anymore. No US aircraft carrier had ever been designated hull number 72. I must have had a minor case of food poisoning the evening before. A few chaotic years of rampant inflation later, and Ronald Reagan was elected President of the United States and the world changed for the better. This great patriotic President knew that peace can only be accomplished when our potential adversaries fear our economy and our military.
          My library research showed that our declining post-Vietnam US Navy numbered less than 300 active vessels, but President Reagan quickly revived a Pentagon program to build a six hundred ship navy. Since most of our outdated aircraft carrier force was made up of spent WWII era ships, the decision to expand the force to include six new Nimitz class carriers was a bold stroke of genius. Americans quickly had new jobs, new incomes empowered taxpayers to pay less tax percentage wise, but more came into Washington dollar wise. A grateful confidant nation announced it's plan to name all new nuclear Nimitz class aircraft carriers after celebrated former US Presidents.
           I'm no prophet friends, but every vision related to my encounter with the Almighty back in 1975 had all come to pass. For me personally, I learned that God's word and His genuine messages to His people never lie. One day in the near future, there would be a CVN 72, ironically the new super carrier would be named after a towering wartime Christian leader, a man who 'was the Father' of the modern political United States of America. The stunning clarity of both his biblical name association combined with his earthly mission of healing the land would require an enormous blood sacrifice from this nation. Ultimately, the War of Recent Unpleasantness would cause the deaths of 15% of the people of this nation. In both percentage and raw numbers, no conflict in US History has caused more death and misery as the Civil War. In the closing weeks of the war, Abraham Lincoln became aware that before any great healing could occur there would have to be one last great Butcher's Bill paid. In vivid dreams, the President witnessed and shared a vision of mourning taking place inside his White House.
            Until President Lincoln's tragic assassination, the nation would not be properly healed. The Washington elites sought treason trials, financial restitution, public hangings and prison camps for all rebel soldiers and their leaders. Fortunately, Lincoln shared his ideas of reunification, reconciliation and reconstruction with the only other man who could possibly carry out a proper welcome home for this nation's returning Prodigal son; the future President General Ulysses S. Grant. At formal surrender proceedings, Grant ordered his command to avert their eye's from the disgrace of rebel soldiers. Sam Grant even refused to accept Robert E. Lee's sword. Immediate parole was granted every enemy combatant who swore an oath to never lift up an arm against her. These magnanimous terms left Confederate soldiers their horses and firearms, so they could quickly race home safely to their families. A new breath of freedom was finally granted unconditionally to all races.
         A daily reader of the scriptures and a man of prayer, Abraham Lincoln understood Emancipation couldn't become a part of this nation's guiding covenant with God unless innocent blood was shed to seal-up the testimony. Rumors of kidnap and murder plots abounded in Washington DC during the entire war. Taking the train from Illinois, as the President Elect; Lincoln had avoided a rebel shooting party by placing a ladies shawl over his head and taking an earlier train without his official entourage. Unknowingly, Lincoln survived several attempts upon his life. Alone on horseback, Lincoln's iconic hat was once shot from his head. To shocked members of his cabinet, Lincoln claimed a deer hunter had mistaken him for his dinner. After the war, information proved that the Confederate Secret Service had been responsible for this unsuccessful assassination attempt.
          In the day's leading up to his death, Mary Lincoln purchased four tickets to the play. So many rumors abounded that no less than eight couples the Lincoln's invited to the play declined their invitations. After Sam Grant and his wife Julia declined, they fled Washington on an afternoon train! Julia Grant was horrified after watching John Wilkes Booth ride past the celebrity couple on horseback. Booth was stalking the Grant's while balefully staring menacingly into their carriage. Apparently, even the war winning President of this nation could find nobody willing to place themselves anywhere near the line of fire. The lone City Detective charged with their protection quickly left his post and went next door to a bar where he was drinking until the next day.
            So, it was on Good Friday April 16th 1865, Abraham Lincoln willfully and knowingly went to Ford's Theatre to provide the last full measure of blood necessary to end the Civil War.

             After she joined the fleet in 1989, I drew great comfort knowing the USS Lincoln was based in Washington State. She would operate almost exclusively in the Pacific Ocean and patrol off Communist China for the next twenty years. That was until just recently, when the west coast based ship was moved over into the Atlantic. A fresh chill of fear ran up my spine with the news that the USS Lincoln was now part of CENTCOM to serve in the Persian Gulf. This enormous vessel was suddenly a possible target located close enough for the stunning vision of a mortally wounded aircraft carrier hit by a barrage of incoming Iranian missiles. In the attack, it was plain that the loss of life was very significant. Only military cutbacks by the current Regime placed these Lincoln sailors in harm's way. After the USS Carl Vinson Carrier Battle Group transited the Straights of Hormuz two weeks ago, the mad mullahs of Iran threatened to close the Straights of Hormuz to traffic and sink any foreign military vessels in the process. They specifically pointed out that US Navy Carrier Battle Groups are their primary target.

         The Arab League Announces that Syrian Monitors to be Removed from Damascus ( WHY )

         Today, we learned that the Arab League Monitors in Syria would be removed from around the City of Damascus. These monitors are non-combatants from predominately Sunni Arab countries. They have come to Syria to chronicle a rapidly deteriorating civil war between two equally bloodthirsty factions. To date, these observers report witnessing the wanton slaughter of tens of thousands of unfortunate men, women and children. Civilians are caught in a no-mans-land, between transplanted fundamentalist Shia revolutionary guards from Iran that are allied to the Assad Regime. They are fighting with the Grand Daddy of all terrorist organizations, the Moslem Brotherhood which is allied to the New People's Army of Syria. Unfortunately, the US media refuses to report these basic facts to the people of this country. Iran has directly inserted itself into this struggle. It's between the Persian Mad Mullah's of Shia 'twelve's' and the Sunni backed Moslem Brotherhood. What's at stake is control over the entire Arab World.         
         First, it's necessary for me to report crucial information the mainstream media's has repressed. We don't even know which factions are at war in Syria. The Assad Dictatorship has shown amazing resilience surviving five separate wars with the Nation of Israel, a peaceful transition of a repressive dictatorship from infamous father to a twisted eldest son. In the last blood-soaked century, I can count on one hand the number of statist regimes who've successfully survived the transition of dictatorial power father to son. This was only possible in Syria, because the military is an exceptionally close knit fraternity made up exclusively of minority Allowhite tribal gunmen. Unlike the Mad Mullahs of Iran who are radical Shia, the Syrian's are considered heretical moslems with nowhere left to run. In the entire Arab World, only Syria grants citizenship to Allowhites.
        Syria and Bashr Assad will fight to the very last Allowhite, because they're heretics that would be slaughtered by the Sunnis and ignored by the Arab World. Apparently, the Moslem Brotherhood has finally discovered that Syria will not crack, they will fight until extinction.
         Removal of Arab League monitors from Damascus, the capitol city and location of Syria's only international airport can mean only one thing. Some element of the Sunni's has decided to demonstrate it's nuclear, or other WMD status by springing a sudden ruinous attack upon Damascus. I fully expect that the prophecy of the destruction of Damascus will take place within a few days, or weeks. Sure, the attack might be blamed on the USA, or Israel, but ultimately it will be shown that Sunni moslems (like Barack Obama) were behind this cowardly attack.


                                                                    Mike Curtiss