Frank Molver (18 Jan 2012)
"Pastor Bob Temple info"
Thanks for sharing your interesting studies and history
In 1991 I was involved with an exploration in Qumran.
We went up to the Temple Mount for a tour.
Seeing the large empty space on the temple mount by the dome of souls made you feel
that it has been waiting for something a very long time.
Indeed it is directly west of the Eastern gate which is in line with a special area.
There used to be a bridge going out that way across that steep valley that probably collapsed when Christ was crucified.
That is also near the Garden of Olives where Jesus prayed before he was crucified
There is a place on top of that hill that was the only area that a sacrifice was allowed outside the temple.
It is where the red heifer was sacrificed.
That is the Eastern gate which the Messiah will enter through.
But there are many things that await this temple that are still hidden out of sight
Whether it is for a millennium temple or an attempt at a place for the AC I do not know
I guess we will see soon.