Pastor Bob (17 Jan 2012)


To Kari:
Reference your reply to my post on Tribulation Temple.  'Christianity Today' did their article in, if I recall without digging in my files, in the August 1967 issue.  Remember this was two months after the "Seven" Day War in which the Jews retook the Temple Mount.  Now there are far too many for me to note here, but many consider the day of Israel's retaking Jerusalem and the Temple Mount to be a restarting of the prophetic clock.  I tend to agree with their findings and their perception of the significance of this event.
As I noted in my post, I watched every Saturday morning, through the year, from the fall of 1969 almost to November of 1970, the arrival and departure of loaded gondolas with Beford Limestone destined for Israel.  Throughout the week I often saw the movements as well.
I was a graduate student at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary at the time and serving a Methodist church at the time.  Freight train activity is always heaviest in the morning at the Pitcairn yard.  Today it is an inter-modal terminal for trailers and container movements.
While I would not say for sure that some of this stone was used in the Rothschild-paid for Supreme Court, it is highly unlikely because we are talking 45 years ago.  The 'CT' article stated explicitly that the limestone stone blocks were ordered specifically for the "New" Temple.  The article noted also that it was British Grand Orient Lodge Masonry that ordered and paid for the 60,000 tons of cut stone.
I would be surprised if it wasn't the Rothschild name behind the signing of the check.  The coordination of the order was handled here in the states by their Grand Lodge in Boston, MA.
The Golden Report article you linked to is one that I am familiar with and have saved on my hard drive.  I have been a researcher ever since JFK made his trip to Dallas.  I have spent nearly 50 years researching JFK's assassination and all the links that led from it.  As I said, I have thousands, as many as 100,000 pages of documents on Illuminated Masonry.  That doesn't even begin to come close to my library on the subject.  I have a personal library of 6,200 volumes, at least 200 on Freemasonry.
Back in 1969 and 1970 I even obtained a waybill of one of the cars carrying the stones and took pictures at ground level and from the overhead bridge at Wall, PA.  I have been a model railroader and railbuff all my life and have worked on the railroad as well.  I have a working knowledge and understanding of railroad operations.  A "waybill" is the railroad shipping bill that accompanies every freight car in a train.  I sold my railroad memorabilia back in the mid 1980's when I left pursue a doctoral degree in theology.
To me it seems highly implausible that the 1967 Bedford Limestone order for 60,000 tons of cut stone would be for a building only built in the last fifteen years.  The close time between the Jews retaking Jerusalem and the Temple Mount (June 1967) and the actual order placement (July or August of 1967) is just too close to be coincidental.  It is my guess they [Masons] thought that since the Jewish IDF had retaken Jerusalem and the Temple Mount they concluded it was time to start the ball rolling to rebuild the Temple.  I don't think they expected the Israelis to return the Temple Mount to the Jordanian [Hashemite Kingdom] and so the plans were shelved.
I personally hold the view that the Temple will be built at the beginning of the "Final" week of Daniel's Seventy Week next to the Mosque of Omar, opposite and on a plane facing the Eastern (Golden) Gate that has been sealed by the Muslims and of which the Bible states as a prophecy it would remain sealed until the Messiah comes, and not opened before.  The little "Dome of the Spirits" some call it the "Dome of the Tablets" plays a key marker in the location of the Second Temple according to Asher Kaufmann.
My thoughts are the moment we are "removed by force" - i.e. raptured, the rush will be on to rebuild the Temple.  The estimated 18 to 22 month construction time period along with all the ritual requirements of consecration and dedication can be finished inside the first half of the Tribulation.  With the first half of the Tribulation being 42 months, there is ample time to build, and resume the Sanhedren worship and sacrifical acts.  I believe things will happen so fast after we are gone, people will feel like a tornado hit, metaphorically speaking.  I believe in a Pre-Tribulation Pre-Millennial Rapture.  Again, depending whether one holds to Covenant or Dispensational theology determines where you fall in these matters.  The key distinction is whether you accept the idea of Paul in Romans 9,10,11.
Covenant Theology is the bedrock of "Replacement Theology" which has its roots with Constantine and Augustine and perpetuated by Romes "Counterfeit" Christianity.
If you don't agree with a Third or Tribulation Temple, then you have a lot of explaining away, the entire issue of the prince who sits in the Temple and calls himself god.  Covenant Theology is central to nearly every mainline Protestant denomination today. They are the daughteres churches of the Harlot.  As a serious researcher be mindful of the fact that "Rothschild's/Vatican/Jesuits/Grand Orient Lodge Freemasonry" are all in bed together.  It hastaken me 48 years to connect the dots.
Pastor Bob