Clay Cantrell (4 Jan 2012)
"Dream of the 2nd Advent & Sketch"

Readers -

In the morning of January 3rd, 2012 I had the following interesting, and curious dream about the Lord Jesus' 2nd Advent, which was long and detailed. This is not a dream about the Catching Away or the Resurrection of the Dead, but His Second Coming.


In the dream I was in a discussion with a man and wife couple I knew, who are in a major religious denomination known the world over. They were discussing with me their frustration with their church; that literally 50% of the church members did NOT believe in a literal Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. This group of church members had a leader, a male (who I saw in the dream, wearing an olive green shirt, see dream link below), and they were referred to as "Downstairs", which I noted. The husband was very frustrated, but the wife was obviously despondent, and troubled over it.

We were in an elementary school room, and there was a large table there full of school stuff (books and materials) which the wife was sitting at.

I spoke to them and said these words:

"Let me show you the 'snapshot' of His Second Coming the Lord showed me in a dream".

so, in this dream, I refer to a dream that I had. (note: I have never had a dream of this nature, in real time and space).

I proceeded to make a drawing of the sketch that the Lord Jesus gave me in the dream within a dream. I did NOT have a realistic "vision" that I then drew for the couple. The Lord showed me this sketch (snapshot) in my mind which I then replicated for the couple. I took a ball point pen and a letter size piece of white paper and drew the sketch that I have recreated and attached to this post.

This sketch details are labeled in red to help the reader understand what they are looking at, as the sketch is rough. in fact, the sketch in the dream was even rougher, like a child had drawn it.


My interpretation of certain details in the dream.

I think the group of church-going 'Second Coming non-believers-in', who were referred to as "downstairs" by the couple, are the "land" that is underwater. notice that they said the group was 50% of the church body, and that the sheet is divided into two halves, open sky and water. this is on purpose. This is the second dream I have had of a "downstairs" which was where 'unbelievers" go. it terrified me:

In the sketch, The Lord's gaze is deliberately down and to his left, and He is looking at something or for something, but what, I do not know. It appears He's looking at the water.

the rest is pretty self explanatory.

I have never had a dream or vision before that had to do with His Second Coming. This is the first.