Clay Cantrell (7 June 2011)
"Dream of the Pale Green & the Outer Darkness"

Readers -

I feel lead to post this dream again from 2004. I have no idea why, but
some reader might be instructed by it. Within five minutes of waking
from this horrific dream, I was informed that someone I knew had died.

this is the second dream I've had with a strong color statement in it -
which I feel is from the Lord. In this case, Pale Green equals Death.


I was in a two story house but not mine. I was on the second floor and a
woman (who was facing me and whose 'silhouette' was visible to me from
the neck up in front of a window) was yelling at me about something and
going on and on about it. i didn't want to listen any more to it.

I left the room to go downstairs. as I did I heard this extremely loud,
horrendous noise that went on for a few seconds. this is exactly what it
sounded like (precisely): take every pot or pan in your pantry, plus
metal cookie sheets, baking pans, tops etc and throw them down the
stairs all at the same time. a very loud clamor and clang. it absolutely
scared me to death.

(note: "Clanging" from 1 Corinthians 13:1 = greek word #214g

meaning to wail, tinkle, or clang.

"If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels and have not charity,
I have become [as] sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal."

I 'followed the sound' as it went down a set of very wide stairs to the
lower floor. my point of view was behind myself, i.e. I saw and followed
myself go down the stairs from the back. my point of view was at the top
of the stairs, and I watched myself walk quickly down the stairs. at the
bottom of the stairs was a wall of total darkness. there was no door.
the stairs were wide and the was a start and stop line to the darkness.
the darkness started when the last step met the lower floor about 12
inches out from the face of the bottom step. the carpet color on the
floor was light green, and I was wearing a light green shirt with a
check or plaid pattern on it. i could see nothing in the darkness. the
stairway entrance was about 10 feet wide. It was pitch black, kind of
like the smoke of a fire, kind of not - but I felt like it was very
thick, as
if it had substance.

(note: 4th horse of Revelation is Ashen or Chloe meaning Spring green or
lite/pale green. I later realized that the shirt I was wearing in the
dream I actually bought in a store nine months later, not putting it
together with the dream.)

I 'joined myself' so to speak, and I stood at the bottom of the steps,
on the floor and peered into the darkness.  The darkness went right up
to my toes. looking in, to the right. I had the distinct impression that
the darkness area was not off limits to me but that i could easily step
across from where I was. again, there was no door or entrance mechanism
that barred my way.

I had no interest in going into the darkness though, after what I then
heard, which seriously scared me to absolute death. I was terrified.

I heard the sound of many grown men (no female voices), crying, moaning
and groaning non-stop in the darkness. It was awful. I could see nothing
and no one. there was no light at all. the light from the stairway area
did not illumine this darkness area whatsoever.(a normal room at the
bottom of the stairs, say in a basement, would at least have residual
light cast into the area). the cries of the men were mournful,
undulating, low pitched, and moaning. there were no words articulated. i
did i not hear anyone call for help, or anything like that. it is
possible though that they saw me. I was convinced they were human, but
something was inhuman about the sounds. it terrified me. I quickly
turned to go up the stairs in the dream and then I woke up. I
immediately started praying to God to deliver me from the fear, and to
remove the image from my mind. it really shook me up. I vowed not to go
back to sleep as i might re-enter the dream.

These were the voices of the Lost, in the Outer Darkness.