Clay Cantrell (14 Jan 2012)
"re Mathman & Kudos and NWO issues"

Readers -

thanks to Mathman who reads my posts and gets something out of them.

I don't decry anyone's studious posts on this site as long as the Bible is the core. Ron Reese, Mathman and many others are hard workers.

I expressed my opinion. I feel uncomfortable with NWO entities being introduced into an Endtime scenario as a major component. I think those kind of theories are counterproductive, and hurt the integrity of the Bible based material in a post. that's my limited  opinion.

This great web site has been up since 1997 I believe, and I started looking at it months before my experience of December 1997. On this site, I have read some of the most fascinating, thoughtful, creative and informative End Time Scenarios out there. They all share certain components. They all have an abundance of Bible based timelines, alignments, signs, dates, day counts, astronomical observations etc, and many of them, if not the majority of them, declare "This is It!" with emphasis. It is maybe these emphatic declarations I really have a problem with. I think caution is warranted, more than seems to be articulated in some posts.

I myself pinpointed a day I thought stood out from the rest, that being 10.17.2004 for many very creative reasons. I had charts and everything. : > I also declared that was my only attempt at date setting, and it was.

My timeline failed like the all others. Many writers make the same errors over and over. They see what they're looking for. They get into patterns of analysis and use systems of analysis that fail them, at yet they use them again and again to predict another date, as if accurate date prediction is some holy grail of Bible Prophecy studies.

As I stated, I personally have a problem with timelines and scenarios that introduce what I consider spurious info. I consider a lot of the NWO info out there spurious.

still, that's my opinion, and that's all it is ...which is not worth much probably, and I for sure am not judging anyone. this is a discussion forum.

if Ron Reese if correct, and Mathman and others - I rejoice with them! The truth will pass the tests of scrutiny and have it's fulfillment!

We are called to work in a field, and I have more work to do in my field than I can handle. I'm not hear to argue, or get into a tete-a-tete with anyone.

My posts are theoretical and I make an effort to remind the readers of that.

I think we'd all agree - we are very close to the End!


Jesus is Lord!