Bob Ware (25 Jan 2012)
"RE: Ray Walter > the alfalfa harvest and my two rapture dreams"

Ray, thank you for your input on the green alfalfa harvest: I was wondering what grain was harvested while still green. I live in the central valley in California, but the significance of the green crop harvest didn't come to my attention until my two rapture dreams.
From what I have read, alfalfa is harvested every 28 days, or on an alternating schedule of 26 then 35 days. 28 is the second perfect number and the seventh triangle number. The seven words of Genesis 1:1 have a total of 28 Hebrew letters.
In 2011 the California alfalfa harvest began in April. Other areas may not have their first harvest until late May or mid June.
I hope this means that we will be leaving in a few months with the 'first harvest'.
The sum of the lowercase ASCII (711), prime (871) and composite (326) number gematrias for 'alfalfa' is 1908 > the year of the Tunguska blast and also sum of the two twin-prime pairs at the north (431 + 433) and south (521 + 523) points of the 'Prime Cross'.
Uppercase ASCII code sum for 'ALFALFA' is 487:
        3 x 487 = 1461 = days in four years and the sum of the horizontal bar of the 'Prime Cross' > 113 + 467 + 881.
        4 x 487 = 1948 = sum of the four points of the 'Prime Cross' > 113 + 431 + 523 + 881.
The English gematria for 'ALFALFA' is 75. In Daniel 12:12 there are an additional 75 days added to the 2520 days of the Tribulation.