BG Ellis (4 Jan 2012)


1.           January 5th to 6th 2012:  A. This date was brought out by Jean Stepnoski  SEE: THIS!   B.  In addition, in Ted Porter’s post: When is Jesus Returning?  “The Answer is 42!” And "On the Third Day Will He Raise Us Up on October 14, 2011?, he tells us that the Rapture will take place when the 3rd day ends and the 4th day begins.  In The Final Week (Bible term for The Final 7-Years) the 3rd day would be the end of the third year.  This would be 3-Jewish Years or 1,080 days (3 x 360 days) from January 20th 2009 (The date of Obama’s Inauguration).  When added together, it takes us to this date exactly! 


2.           January 23rd to 24th 2012:  A. This is a Jewish Tuesday- In keeping with Jewish Wedding traditions, Jesus will pick up His Bride (Us) on a Jewish Tuesday (From sunset Monday evening to sunset Tuesday evening).  If you have not done it, please read this information now: SEE: THIS!    I believe that The Rapture must take place on a Jewish Tuesday!  If it is not on a Jewish Tuesday, you can scratch out that date as a potential Rapture date (IN MY OPINION).  B. This is a new moon date and according to Perry Stone, the Rapture will take place on a new moon date SEE: THIS VIDEO!  C. Israel always attacks on a new moon!  They do not like their Jets to be backlit by the moon!  D. This is a mirror image of Rosh Hashanah and with the Precession of the Equinoxes (SEE: THIS!) it could be God’s actual date for Rosh Hashanah.  E. This is beginning date for the Chinese New Year: “The Year of The Dragon” SEE: THIS VIDEO!  This entire configuration would not happen again for another 1,000 years!


3.           January 28th 2012, this is Ron Reese’s date!  Check out his posts to the Five Doves here:  SEE: THIS!  AND SEE: THIS!