Regina (28 Jan 2011)
"Re: letter from Kevin H today at  5 Doves"

Hello John, I have not writtent to you or 5Doves before. Today I read the letter from Kevin H. about Bob's Tribulation Circle and Daniel's Vision of the End  . I was struck about a  mention of the number 73 occurance:
"The common value between 584 and 365 (year) is 73. Whereas 73 x 5 is 365, 73 x 8 is 584. Conversely, there are five (5) 584 day conjunctions (inferior OR superior) in eight (8) 365 day earth years.  The sum of 584 + 365 is 949 which is of course 13 x 73.  Venus orbits 13 times to earth's 8 and it passes earth 5 times (every 584 days during those eight years."
On another forum today, I wrote about the number 73 possibly having significance. I don't know how to post to 5Doves and would like to ask Kevin more about this number. The forum RFTH is locked now until someone returns so he cannot post there to me.  May I email him my comment from the other forum or would you kindly pass on my question about the significance of the number 73? Here is my post from the other forum. Another member there thinks Christ was born in the year 1 and I responded to that...
"Ok, maybe this is an agree to disagree point as I am not looking for an argument, but for light on Christ's return. This is my blessed hope as well as yours.

My question about the date of Christ's birth is based on various dates that others have poised such as:
"Fair Use For Educational or Discussion Purposes"
The only sources of information on Jesus' birth are the gospels of Matthew and Luke of the Bible.

Matthew describes King Herod as the ruler during the time of the Nativity, and Herod died in 4BC. Furthermore, to kill Jesus and eliminate him as a rival king, Herod orders the "Massacre of the Innocents" — the killing of all male children in Bethlehem aged two years and under. This means that Jesus may have been up to two years old already by that time, and this sets the Nativity at around 6BC.

Luke places the Nativity during the Census of Quirinius, which took place in 6 AD, although Luke states the conception took place during the reign of King Herod — about 10 years earlier.

Because both Gospel accounts agree that the birth took place before the death of Herod, historians generally assume Jesus was born around 4 BC or slightly before. Evidence uncovered in 1923 by archeologists digging near Ankara Turkey which describes of an empire wide tax collection in 8 BC like the one described in Luke 2:1-5 in the ruins of a Roman Temple there, generally supports this as word of the tax would have taken years to reach all parts of the empire.

and from the same article:
There were many speculations in the 2nd century about the date of Jesus' birth. Clement of Alexandria, towards its close, mentions several such, and condemns them as superstitions. Some chronologists, he says, alleged the birth to have occurred in the twenty-eighth year of Augustus, on the 25th of Pachon, the Egyptian month (May 20). These were probably the Basilideans. Others set it on the 24th or 25th of Pharmuthi (19th or 20 April). Clement himself sets it on November 17, 3 BC.

We know the temple was destroyed in 70AD and about the one generation parameter. We know about Jublilee years. Might the rapture come earlier than (the timeframe of birth of Christ to temple destruction) because the birth was earlier(surprise!) but we are taken before God's wrath falls. Perhaps the start time of Jacob's trouble matches the number of years between Christ's birth and when the temple was destroyed, however the rapture takes place on an earlier date?
2017 (Jubilee year and Jacob's trouble over)-73(maybe Christ's birth to destruction of the temple)=1944.
1944 isn't a date that rings bells and whistles when the topic of Christ's return comes up, but it does have a significance. According to wikipedia, : "Fair Use For Educational or Discussion Purposes"
On 3 July 1944, the British government consented to the establishment of a Jewish Brigade with hand-picked Jewish and also non-Jewish senior officers. The brigade fought in Europe, most notably against the Germans in Italy from March 1945 until the end of the war in May 1945. Members of the Brigade played a key role in the Berihah's efforts to help Jews escape Europe for Palestine. Later, veterans of the Jewish Brigade became key participants of the new State of Israel's Israel Defense Force.

So 1944 was when a Jewish military in its infancy was born. The right for Jewish existence was recognized.

I believe the time of Christ's return is soon because of the one generation statement of Christ Himself and the current signs in the heavens and on earth. Perhaps the end will come when we think it will but for other reasons and another timeline. Peace and blessings to all, R
Thank you John,