Kevin Heckle (27 Jan 2011)
"Bob's Tribulation Circle and Daniel's Vision of the End"

I read your post yesterday and it relates to something I've been working on for a while. Your post revealed another aspect of the same exact phenomena I've been fascinated with.  I believe it is only possible that the Creator  of the Cosmos and the Author of God's Word (one and the same) could come up with the perfect set of numbers.  These three numbers are way more than just speculative date setting.  I believe these 3 numbers can be the only set that describes a multitude of planetary data, especially Earth and the inner planets. Venus is particularly evident.  I'll explain.  

I noticed that the diameter of your Tribulation circle, based on the first implied number (1260) and last number (1335) in Daniel 12.  The middle number 1290, is not represented just yet.  You calculated that if the circumference of a circle is 2595 (1260+1335) then a centered square inside that circle could only have equal sides of 584 units.  1260 and 1335 in their simplest interpretation represent days, so 584 units would also mean 584 days.  You also calculated the diagonal of  the square, based on the circle's diameter, is 1168.  This of course is double the 584 as it would be.  However, 1168 divided by 10 is also 20% of 584 or 116.8.   Here are a few parameters, 584 days, 116.8 days and 1168 days that are seemingly independent orbital facts.  

Every 584 days on average there is an alignment of the earth, Venus and the sun.  If you could stand on Venus, one full day from sunrise to sunrise would take 116.8 earth days.  Over the 584 day conjunction period, Venus will have rotated 5 times at 116.8 earth days apiece.  At regular but limited intervals (over long periods of time) the earth, Venus, Mercury and the sun can align in 1168 day intervals.

Previously, I had discovered something similar about the sums and differences of the whole set, arriving at some of the same values, albeit using the third value in the set (1290) as well.  1260+1290+1335 = 3885; 1335-1290-1260= -1215.  While 3885 is not immediately apparent, the -1215 value is equivalent to the 1215 year cycle, based on tropical years in which the meetings of earth, Venus and the sun step one full circle BACKWARDS  or clockwise in the Mazzaroth.  The integer value of 1215 is also significantly 5 times the whole 243 year transit cycle of Venus and 10 times (121.5 years) one of the overlapping intervals of transits (the same thing as an eclipse, but with Venus passing in front of the sun and not the moon).  

Now this integer value 1215 when divided into the total 3885 yields the quotient 3.197530864.  Multiplying this quotient times the Tropical/solar year yields the same value you arrived at with the large diagonal, and that is 1167.87317.  Remember, I'm using a third value seemingly independent!!!  The vision in Daniel 12 indicates that the left hand and right hand lifted towards heaven.  If you analyze the words left and right in this passage, one denotes south and the other north as the person faces east.  In either hemisphere, the time frame between when the sun rises furthest north and furthest south (solstices) is the half-tropical year of 182.6210948 days.  If you multiply this half year times the quotient 3.197530864, the value is 583.93658704 days, which is within 23.5 minutes of NASA's estimated average of the conjunction event!!!  Your number was 584 using only two of the values (1260 and 1335)!!!  

The common value between 584 and 365 (year) is 73. Whereas 73 x 5 is 365, 73 x 8 is 584. Conversely, there are five (5) 584 day conjunctions (inferior OR superior) in eight (8) 365 day earth years.  The sum of 584 + 365 is 949 which is of course 13 x 73.  Venus orbits 13 times to earth's 8 and it passes earth 5 times (every 584 days during those eight years. 

God's amazing design is that those 5 meetings, when Venus laps the earth in the perpetual race around the sun, occur almost 216 degrees apart, forming a five pointed star or pentagon if observed from over our solar system.  I've applied that figure in the same manner as your square within the circle and found that the values of the length of the side and the value of the radius, directly relate to the 3885 total and 8 (8 year cycle).  

The same circumference of 2595 yields a radius of 413.007 and the side calculates to be 485.5189383 which is nearly 2 times the transit value in years (243) or 2 times the sidereal day (243 earth days).  This value 485.5189383 x 8 = 3884.1515, about .85 under 3885.  The quotient of 413.007077/485.5189383 = .8506508.  Multiplying .8506508. x 3885 yields 3304.778358 which is 8 x 413.09!!  Again, the 2595 yielding a radius of 413.07 yields a pentagonal (5) side 485.52 or nearly 1/8th of  3885!!

While 3885 is a time, times and a half of 1110 it is also both 5 times 777 and 7 times 555, a very cool number!  If you divide it by 10 (=388.5) and apply it to the conjunction period of 583.92 days: 388.5 / 583.92 = .6653308672; Take that quotient and multiply it times the sidereal year of 365.256363004 days - [365.256363004 x .6653308672 = 243.016332 days]  The sidereal rotation period of Venus as observed from earth is 243.018 days, a 2.4 minute difference! 

During the eight years it takes five meetings to return 360 degrees or 12 constellations, Venus appears to turn (from our perspective) on its axis 12 times.

There are many other parameters derived from the three numbers in Daniel.  I posted some information towards the end of a response back in January.  Please see  The other value in Daniel 2300 mornings and evenings (morning star risings or evening star risings) calculates the precession of the equinoxes within just a few years of the 25,770 year total.  2300 also reconciles the sun, Venus, earth and moon within 34/100's of a second per month!!

Those two values of 1335 and 1260 have a difference of 75.  The total 3885 / 75 = 51.8.  Reapplied to 3885 as a percentage: .518 x 3885 = 2012.43 which is June 6, 2012 the EXACT day of the Venus transit occurring at the galactic center, in between the horns of Taurus and 45 years after the Israelis captured Jerusalem.  The other post explains a 930,338.5 day period that calculates from Daniel's vision, based on 3.5 times various cycle periods, which comes to June 20-21 of 2012, the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere.  Will the Lord come as the 'summer is nigh at hand'?

In conclusion, only the Author of the Bible and the Creator of the universe could have designed this set of numbers into His Word and His creation! You've demonstrated it geometrically, confirming the mathematics I've found. 
Just as Daniel said, the prophecy would be sealed up until the end times when people travel to and fro and knowledge is greatly increased!

In Christ,

Kevin Heckle


1260+1335 = 2595

2595/pi=826.0141546 dia.

(Square in Circle)

826.0141546^2 = 682299.3836771; 682299.3836771 / 2 = 341149.6918385; SQRT(341149.6918385)=584.0802101


(Square's hypotenuse outside Circle) is 584.0802101 x 2 or the SQRT {(Diameter^2)/2} which is 1168.16042; 1168.16042/10 = 584.0802101/2 = 116.816042 

(Pentagon inside Circle)

826.0141546/2 = r = 413.007077

Cos 36*=a/r

a=Cos 36* x r = .80901699 x 413.007077 = 334.1297444

413.007077^2 - 334.1297444^2 = 58932.15986; Sqrt (58932.15986) = 242.7594691

242.7594691 x 2 = 485.5189383 side; 485.51893 x 8 = 3884.1515

413.007077/485.5189383 = .8506508; .8506508 x (1260+1290+1335) = 3304.7783; 3304.7783/8 = 413.09728