Mike M (17 Jan 2011)
"To Kevin Re: "Two weeks to go""

Thank you so much for taking the time to break down the understanding of 7-7-7 in showing us the week of plenty(1993-2000), the week of famine(2001-2008), and the final week in which the "midst of the week" starts the Great Trib. This opened up a world of understanding for me. I have never seen the interpretation of "blessed is he who waits and obtains 1335 days" to mean waiting for the point until there are 1335 days left until Christ's return, instead of reaching the end of the 1335 days. This understanding makes the other amounts of days (1290 and 1260) make more sense.
I visited your website www.godstimeline.com and I appreciate the hard work put into the charts that explain your understanding of the matter. I like the way you and your co-workers on the website use several stories in the Bible to make your point instead of just one story or one part of a story like most do to come up with a rapture date. I believe the Old Testament is made up of physical stories that define the spiritual meanings of the New Testament sayings. You proved my point with your timeline by using the stories of Jacob and Joseph to help define Revelation.
I anxiously await Jan 26/27 like a new bride waiting for her wedding day (nervous but excited), Mike M.