Kevin Drake (12 Jan 2011)
"Two weeks to go!"

In our understanding, there are approximately 2 weeks until the voice of the Lord is heard calling for the "dead in Christ" to arise. This is the blessed 1335th day of Daniel 12:12. And of course, the Rapture of those who are "alive and remain" is tied to the resurrection of the "dead in Christ".
If interested, please see the article entitled "What May Happen Shortly Before the Rapture" at (under the Charts & Commentary section).
Below is a list of what we teach at If you find this information disagreeable, then please just ignore or disregard it.

This is a brief laundry list of the prophetic highlights taught at This list is being presented and posted on the Five Doves at this time (early January 2011) to create a "paper trail" for those who will be left behind after missing the Rapture, which we believe will occur in very late January 2011.

As all truly saved believers will be taken at the Rapture, there will be no one left behind who can offer a satisfactory scriptural explanation for what just happened or what is coming up. Most Bible prophecy websites teach that when the Rapture occurs there will be a 3 and year period of time before the antichrist begins to persecute Israel and the Christians. Contrary to this popular belief, we show that the persecution and killing of the followers of Christ (those who do get saved after the Rapture occurs) will begin in the early Spring of 2011 when the antichrist will demand the worship of himself and the forced institution of his “mark” of commerce.

For those who find this post on the Five Doves website after missing the Rapture, please visit to find out how we knew when the Rapture would occur. Knowing when the Rapture would occur has allowed us to plan accordingly. The website is paid up and available to anyone until such time when it will undoubtedly be taken down by the antichrist’s authorities. All of the material at the website was created for those who would be left behind so that they could have confidence in the word of God after their salvation.

Highlights of God’s Timeline

-Spring 1948-Israel (“fig tree”) reborn as a nation

-Israel’s childhood/growth-19 full years (1948 to 1967)-“shoot forth leaves

-Summer 1967 (“summer is nigh”)-Jerusalem recaptured/unified. Israel reaches the Biblical definition of “adulthood” in her 20th year (Six Day War occurs in June 1967)

-Rosh Hashanah 1967-the beginning of the 40 year “generation” (Matthew 24) to the start of the 70th Week (the time “determined” that remains to the nation of Israel-Daniel 9:24)

-Rosh Hashanah 2007-the end of the 40 year generation/beginning of the 70th Week of Daniel

-1990-2000: the heavenly/earthly signs of Joel chapter 2 (7 solar eclipses-“sun darkened”, 3 blood red moons-“moon turned to blood”, Comet Shoemaker Levy breaking into 21 fragments, unusual volcanic activity-“pillars of smoke”) which occurred  before the coming of the “day of the Lord”. All of these prophesied signs occurred before the “day of the Lord” began, just as Joel chapter 2 indicated. See the chart entitled “Signs of the Times” at the website.

-Rosh Hashanah 2000: the end of 6000 years of man’s dominion/beginning of the “day of the Lord

-Day of the Lord: the 7th day (the “last day”) patterned after the 7th day of Creation. The previous 6 days (6000 years) were man’s. Once 6000 years were completed (in the year 2000), the 7th day (belonging to the Lord) began, which contains more than 1000 years, during which all resurrections occur including the establishment of the 1000 year Millennial Kingdom of Christ. Do not confuse the “day of the Lord” as only pertaining to one single day (Armageddon/Second Coming); it is so much more than just that!

-Jeremiah 30:7-“Alas! for that day (the day of the Lord) is great, so that none is like it (it-the "day of the Lord"- is different from the other 6 days in that the 7th day/the "day of the Lord" has no time constraints): it (the day of the Lord) is even the time of Jacob's trouble  (see below); but he shall be saved out of it”.

-Jacob’s trouble (Genesis 29): Jacob in trouble; Jacob serves “seven years”, “yet seven other years”, and “yet seven other years”.  At the end of the third set of 7 years, Jacob is delivered/saved out of his trouble and a type of the 2nd Advent occurs in the Genesis account at the end of this 3rd set of “yet seven other years”. This typifies (in my opinion) the three sets of 7 year periods (7-7-7) we have seen in recent history since Israel was reborn as a nation.

-Rosh 1993 to Rosh 2000: Oslo peace accords between Israel and Arabs. Matches Jacob’s labor for 1st set of 7 years. This was also the 7 years of “plenty” to the world (see “Years of Joseph” chart).

-Rosh 2000 to Rosh 2007: day of the Lord begins, Oslo broken (lied-to agreement/Laban lied to Jacob), Intifada declared. Matches Jacob’s labor for 2nd set of 7 years. This was also the 7 years of “famine” (see the “Years of Joseph” chart).

-Sabbatical Year (Rosh 2007 to Rosh 2008): ceasing of labor (sabbath), stock market crash by 777.68 points at end of Sabbatical Year (on Rosh 2008) showing the 7-7-7 pattern of Jacob’s trouble (Rosh 2008 was the Jewish year of 5768). Final 6 years of the last set of 7 years  typified by economic unrest/collapse.

-2007-2008: the rise of the man who will become the antichrist. During his campaign, Obama was hailed as “the One” and “the Messiah” even before he obtained the kingdom by “flatteries” and literally fulfilled Daniel 11:21. Obama came in peaceably, obtained the “kingdom” (highest office of the nation of “Mystery Babylon” which is the nation of America-the antichrist is the leader of the kingdom nation of Mystery  Babylon-see Revelation 13) by “flatteries”, and will (after being empowered by Satan after the Rapture occurs) become the infamous antichrist of the Book of Revelation.

-Rosh 2007 to Rosh 2014: 3rd and final set of 7 years. This is the 70th Week of Daniel with Christ coming in secret (the Rapture) in the “midst” of the week (the midst is the whole year between Rosh 2010 and Rosh 2011). Christ coming in secret in the midst of the week is found (in type, feast of Tabernacles) in John chapter 7. The “church” is on earth for part of the 70th Week, but it does not go through any part of the time that Jesus called “great tribulation” where all the judgments of the Book of Revelation are meted out upon the earth. We are gone (via the Rapture) before those events begin.

-Resurrection of the “dead in Christ” and the subsequent Rapture: late January 2011 (see the chart entitled “The Resurrection & the Rapture” at for specific dates).

-Glorious Appearing: date unknown, but at least 30 days prior to the actual day of Rosh 2014, for the Lord is crowned as King of Israel on Rosh Hashanah 2014. See the chart entitled “The 70th Week & Days of Daniel” at for a detailed explanation of the time required for the Lord to wage war at Armageddon, et cetera before entering Jerusalem on the Feast of Trumpets to be crowned King.

-Second Coming: on Rosh Hashanah 2014 (September 25, 2014). Rosh 2014 begins a Sabbatical Year (year of rest) in which Christ returns to save Israel OUT of Jacob’s trouble and bring them (and the world) into His rest (His Millennial Kingdom).

-The 1335 days of Daniel 12:12-shows the resurrection of the “dead in Christ” (the resurrection is the blessing for waiting) occurring 1335 days prior to the 2nd Coming, therefore counting backward from Rosh 2014 (2nd Coming) brings you to late January 2011 for the Rapture. The Rapture of the living believers is tied to the resurrection of the “dead in Christ”. Again, see “The Resurrection and the Rapture” chart at the website for further details.

-The Great Tribulation: begins after the “abomination of desolation”, said to occur 1290 days prior to the 2nd Advent (Daniel 12:11). This places the “abomination” around March 12/13, 2011 when the forced worship of the antichrist is instituted. The Great Tribulation will last approximately 3 and years (not 7). No true believer who is living now (prior to the Rapture and still alive at the time of the Rapture in late January 2011) will go through any part of the Great Tribulation, for we are “raptured” before it begins, even though we (the true body of believers) have been present on earth for part of the 70th Week. There is no such thing as a “seven year tribulation” (this is what most people cannot accept). There is however a seven year period of time called the 70th Week in which both the Rapture and the Great Tribulation will occur. The 3 and year time of “great tribulation” does not occur until the midst of the 70th week, beginning only after we have been raptured!


1st week/set of 7 years/Jacob’s Trouble: Rosh 1993-Rosh 2000

Sabbatical cycle: Rosh 1994-Rosh 2001

Sabbatical Year of Rosh 2000-Rosh 2001

2nd week/set of 7 years/Jacob’s Trouble: Rosh 2000-Rosh 2007

Sabbatical cycle: Rosh 2001-Rosh 2008

Sabbatical Year: Rosh 2007-Rosh 2008

3rd week/set of 7 years/Jacob’s Trouble/Daniel’s 70th Week: Rosh 2007-Rosh 2014

Sabbatical cycle: Rosh 2008-Rosh 2015

Sabbatical Year: Rosh 2014-Rosh 2015

Midst of the week” (the middle of Daniel’s 70th Week): Rosh 2010-Rosh 2011

Resurrection/Rapture: late January 2011 (in the “midst of the week”, but occurring before the “abomination

Abomination of desolation: March 12/13, 2011 (said to occur in the “midst of the week” in Daniel 9:27)

Conclusion: The Jews missed the Lord’s First Coming, not recognizing the timing the first time. (You) don't miss it the second time! The three 7's (Three Weeks of Jacob's Trouble=7-7-7) has been and are being fulfilled down to the very exact DAY since Rosh Hashanah 1993.  It hasn't missed a beat!

Regarding the “timeline” found at, ask yourself the following questions...

1- was Israel born in a day?

2- were there 19 full and complete years of growth coming to....

3- the Six Day War and the unification of Jerusalem beginning their 20th year?

4- from that time would there be that 40 year generation to bring them to the 70th Week of Daniel (as we already knew to be happening since 2006)?

5-that the Lord's Day began with the completion of 6000 years of man’s dominion?

6- that this time came to its full in the year 2000 on Rosh Hashanah (by the understanding of both the Jews and the Gentiles)?

7- that that same Jewish year of 5760 (our year 2000) was reported as being the "year of the Mikva" for the world baptismal cleansing?

8- that it was reported (to the Jews understanding) that the year 5761 would be a Sabbath year?

9- that PRIOR to 1993, Arafat (in Brazil) told the public that the PLO would NEVER give peace to Israel?

10- that in 1993, Yitzak Rabin went to Arafat seeking a peace agreement (no length of treaty given)?

11- that AT Rosh Hashanah of 1993 the Oslo Peace accord was signed?

12- that in exactly 7 years ON ROSH HASHANAH of 2000 Arafat broke the accords and called for the 2nd  Intifada?

13- that this would occur in conjunction with points 5, 6 and 7 above?

14- that Arafat (being a distant relative of the Jews) would be the head of the family of Ishmael in being like Hagar (being EGYPTIAN)?

15- that if the 6000 years of man’s dominion came to its conclusion with the dawning of the new Millennium (the 7th day/last day/ the Day of the Lord/ the Lord's Day) that the prophecy of Joel 2 in this aspect would be seen. Signs in the heavens... Comet Shoemaker Levi slamming into Jupiter in 21 fragments, in 2000 the (2 times) "heavenly menorahs” aligned themselves?

16- the prophecy of Joel chapter 2 (that of the signs in the earth:  blood, fire, and pillars of smoke-there were four separate volcanic eruptions in 24 hours at the time of Easter in 2000)?

17- the prophecy (Joel 2) of the sun being darkened (7 total eclipses in the ten years prior to 2000)?

18- the prophecy of the moon turning to blood (2 blood moons in 1996 on Jewish feast days- and one in 2000)?

19- and these 4 aspects (of this prophecy in Joel 2) happening just as scripture states BEFORE the great and terrible Day of the Lord came on Rosh 2000?

20- and as scripture states concerning these last days, that men will heap upon themselves treasures against the last days. And this will be seen as a time of GREAT PLENTY as the type concerning Joseph shows. Wouldn't these "last days" begin with "THE LAST DAY"? Look at the years of world prosperity in the explosion of the “dotcom” computer industry! It began in 1993 and crashed 7 years later in 2000!

21- that the crashing of the world economic computer-related businesses also had the warning of it crashing in 1993 in the form of Y2K, for the year 2000?

22- that same year (of the crash of internet business growth) saw the Lord's Day, the last day begin the famine week. But the Lord said that He would send a famine upon the land, not of bread and water, but of hearing the Word of the Lord! It was at Rosh Hashanah of 2000 that many believed the Lord would return for His church (the Rapture) to begin that 7th day and the 70th Week of Daniel. When that didn't happen, exactly what the Lord said He would do happened. There was a great famine that occurred to His people and therefore others who did NOT WANT TO HEAR (the prophetic) THE WORD OF THE LORD!

23- then from 2006, we understood by the scriptures the significant relevance to the Advocacy of Christ as our High Priest from the accuser (Satan)! And that the 70th Week of Daniel was to begin at Rosh Hashanah of 2007-08!

24- in 2006, we knew of Obama to be shortly regarded as the upcoming antichrist!

25- then in 2008 (at Rosh Hashanah) to begin the last 6 years till Christ's (based upon what has already been fulfilled to date) establishment of His Kingdom, came the crash of the world's economy in the sign of the NYSE drop of 777.68! Exactly showing the three 7's of Jacob's Trouble. We have been teaching on this since early 2001! And this happened right after the Sabbatical Year (Rosh 2007-2008) was completed. And to bring to fulfillment the world's economy to be in complete change and instability since the Sabbatical Year of 2007-2008!

26- shortly before this we saw that Obama was being hailed as "the One" and “the Messiah" and the fulfilling of the perception of this false worship and religion that will come to its full shortly.

27- then shortly after (as Obama took the Presidency) we saw that he indeed OBTAINED the kingdom by flatteries (being called “the One- the Messiah”), directly fulfilling the prophecy in Daniel 11:21.

28- and we DID see him enter into the kingdom (America-Mystery Babylon) peaceably!

29- and as the "vile one" in Daniel chapter 11, he took the kingdom of his predecessor who lost his kingdom neither by war nor anger (Bush was simply termed out of office)!


Can the understanding of these points be found in scripture? Can they also to their understanding and the "timeline" of God's Word (i.e. the rebirth of Israel, the 19 yrs and the 20 years and upward period of growth/childhood, the 40 year generation, the Lord's Day, the 7 years of plenty and 7 years of famine to the WORLD, the Sabbath, the sabbatical cycle, the time of Jacob's Trouble) all be seen as being historically fulfilled?