Kevin Heckle (4 Jan 2011)
"Jeanne: 360 Day False Prophetic Year or SOMETHING ELSE"

360 Day False Prophetic Year or Something Else?
by: Kevin Heckle Sr.
I would agree with your assertion regarding the faux 'prophetic year' of 360 days.  Daniel 3:1 indicates the dimensions of an idol as threescore (60) by six (6) which is 60 x 6 or 360.  There seems to be no other apparent reason for including the specific measurements other than to indicate 60 x 6 (360) makes for a very large idol.
However, 360 is the rounded average of the solar year and the twelve month lunar year:
365.2421896 days + (29.5305888 x 12) = 719.609255;  719.609255/2 = 359.804628 day average rounded to 360.  Find the square roots of 1260, 1290 and 1335 (latter two from Daniel 12).  Each multiplied by 10 comes to the close approximation of the lunar year, the lunar-solar average and the solar year.  The average of the three results is 359.8356 which is a little over 3/100s difference!
I believe the reason so many adhere to a 360 day prophetic year as Revelation 12 compares a 'time, times and a half time' (3.5) with 1260 days.  1260 divided by 3.5 does equal 360. 
If you hold your index finger out at arms length, the sun appears to travel through the Mazzaroth (zodiac) about one fingerwidth per day, so this median value of 360 is useful to the extent that 360 degrees or fingerwidths equals one solar tropical year of 365.2421896 days whereas the lunar year is 10 or 11 fingerwidths less at 354.367066 days.
Your assertion that the account of the flood and the 10 degree miracle accounts for the 1.25 day increase in the length of the solar year from 364 days to 365.24 cannot be true.  There is no substantiation for that notion.  In fact, if you add up the specific timeline given in Genesis, one whole 365 day year is given in the text.  The account in II Kings re: the 10 degrees only says that the shadow on the sundial went back 10 degrees.  It does not specifically say God caused the sun to roll back 10 degrees.  He could have used some sort of refraction (cloud, water vapor, etc.)just as easily.  If the text does intend that meaning, the rotation of the earth about its axis causing night and day would have been reversed to cause the extended day, having no effect on the forward motion of earth through its 365.2421896 day orbit, which would remain unchanged.    
As for a 364 day year, I do believe there is much basis for its use as the prophetic year.  Much of the prophecy regarding the end-times that we as well as the early church attempts to reckon, is based on Daniel's prophecies.  Clearly, the basis of the 70 weeks of Daniel is based on.... well WEEKS.  That is by SEVENS or HEPTADS.  The ECCLESIASTICAL year is a 364 day year as it denotes the sabbath equal division of 7's (52 x 7=364).  Reckoned by a 364 day year, the sabbath will fall on the same calendar day as it had the year previous.  Feast days were added occasionally to keep the year in sync with the seasons.
The primary tool used for reckoning time by the ancients was the MOON.  The Babylonian system was the precursor to the modern Hebrew Metonic system.  One 354 day lunar year was made up of 6 months of 29 days and 6 months of 30 days to reckon the average 29.5 day synodic period of the Earth-Moon-Sun conjunction period (we know as a month).  Every third year or so, they would add a 30 day month to bring the lunar calendar back in sync with the solar year.  The average of two 354 day years and one 384 day year is 364!.  However, the Babylonians (whom Daniel was chief of) were a little more saavy than that, as they would also add a feast day here and there to keep in sync with the average 365.25 day year.  The 19 year metonic cycle was recognized in the 2nd or 3rd century BC but there is hard evidence (clay tablets) that the Babylonians used basically the same thing at least 15 centuries before!
The 364 day ecclesiastical year was in use during the Second Temple period until at least the times the Dead Sea Scrolls were written, as it is cited therein.
I agree with you that 91 days denotes a season or quarter.  It is the average rounded time between a solstice and an equinox or vice versa.  A careful study of the vision in Daniel 12 indicates that as the man in the middle, raising his right hand and then his left hand towards heaven as if to measure time, reveals the half tropical year.  The words used for his right and left hands denotes south and north while facing east.  In the northern hemisphere, the sun rises at the farthest south on the winter solstice and the farthest north on the summer solstice.  There are 182 - 183 days between those events.  A time, times and a half in that event would be 637 of some time period.  If the man upon the waters is referring to a season (91 days) as a time, times and a half (3.5) it would be 318.5 of some time period.
Daniel (10) is careful to describe exactly the dating when the last vision took place, which I believe occurred on or near the astronomical Julian date of 1,525,759 (Nisan 24, 3225).  From that date a time, times and a half would certainly be a greater time frame than 637 years, 318.5 years, 1260 years, etc.  Daniel understood the time appointed was long (10:1).  Here are a few options for what that time frame may be.
The Octaeteris is a time frame known to the ancients as a general 8 year period.  If Venus and the moon conjunct at a particular place in the sky on a certain date, 8 years later, it will conjunct again in nearly the same place in the Mazzaroth on nearly the same calendar date plus or minus a few days.  Here is why:
8 Earth Tropical years is 2921.93 days
5 Earth-Venus-Sun conjunctions of 583.92 days is 2919.6 days
13 Venus Orbits of 224.69 days is 2921 days
107 Lunar orbits of 27.3 days is 2921.1 days
99 lunar synodic periods (the month) of 29.5305888 is 2923.53 days
You can see that the length of these time periods are all within 1 or 2 days of eachother.  These are the three brightest objects in the sky:  the sun, the moon and the stars as per Genesis 1.  Although our modern definition of a star is something different than a planet, Venus STILL appears as a star.  It is the brightest MORNING STAR.
There is also a conjunction of the Earth and Venus with the sun on the half-cycle of the Octaeteris or at 1460.5 days.  The reason is due to to two different types of conjunctions, superior and inferior.  The superior has the sun exactly between earth and the planet (Venus) and the inferior the planet (Venus) is between us and the sun.
Now the half ecclesiastical year or 26 weeks is182 days, time, times and a half is 637, which is 91 weeks (a season of weeks).  The half-Octaeteris of 1460.5 days.  So consequently, 637 x 1460.5 =  930,338.5 days.  It is also the same if you use the season time, times and a half or 91 days x 3.5 = 318.5;  318.5 x 2921 = 930,338.5 days.  2921 days x 3.5 = 10,223.5 days (28 years) times the season of 91 days = 930,338.5 days.
Divide the same 930,338.5 days by the total of the two values in Daniel (1290 and 1335) or 2625 and the result is 354.4 days which is within 5 minutes, 43 seconds per month of one lunar year! 2625 is 3.5 times 750.  This is particularly interesting as 1290 is 2.5 times 360, plus 390 whereas 1335 is the inverse at 2.5 times 390, plus 360.  360 plus 390 is 750! 750 is again related to VENUS, the bright morning star, as it takes 750 sidereal conjunctions of 583.92 days to make one complete sidereal period (1199 years) by which every fifth conjunction (the OCTAETERIS) moves CLOCKWISE around the Mazzaroth one complete revolution as reckoned by the sidereal year period of 365.256363004 days!
Divide 930,338.5 days by the sum of one lunar year (354.367 days) and one lunar leap year (384 days) totaling 738.367 days and the result is 1259.99 or a time, times and a half according to St. John the Revelator in his chapter 12
The same sort of thing can be said for the ecclesiastical year of 364 days times our 365 day calendar year plus the actual year of 365.25 days:
364 x (365 + 365.25) = 265,811 days; 265,811 x 3.5 is 930,338.5 days. This value of 265,811 is also amazing as divided by 7 yields the palindrome of 37973 weeks.  However, if human gestation takes 9 months then this value 265,811 is a thousand times 9 months (265811/1000)=265.811 days; 265.811/29.530588 = 9.001 months!
Take the total of Daniel's three values 1260 (apparent), 1290 and 1335.  The sum is 3885, which is 1110 x 3.5.  Now take the reverse difference:  1335 - 1290 - 1260.  The negative total is -1215.  Now this number -1215 is interesting as it takes 1215 years for the Earth-Venus-Sun conjunction cycle as reckoned by the TROPICAL method, to make one complete BACKWARDS (opposite planetary orbital direction) cycle of the Mazzoroth as OBSERVED.  It occurs 16 years after the 1199 year sidereal return.  1215 is also 5 times the TRANSIT period of Venus which is 243 years (the next one occurs on June 6, 2012).  In fact, this 1215 year conjunction cycle occurs after (760) 583.92 day conjunction periods as reckoned by the Tropical method.  The conjunction cycle is almost one full tropical year ahead of the 152nd Octaeteris solar period.  In fact it is ahead by a little over one lunar year.  It is 1215.027624 years on average. 
3885 divided by 1215 = 3.19753.  Multiplied by the actual half-year (tropical) or 182.621 equals 583.936 days.  This value is within 23.55 minutes of the actual conjunction period of Earth-Venus-Sun!!!!!  When you know that the 1215 year time frame actually averages 1215.027624 years, plug that number into the equation 3885/1215.027624 and the result is 3.19745816.  You will notice that when multiplied by 100, (319.745) is very nearly a time, times and a half of one season of 91.31 days.  However, multiplied by the actual half-year (tropical) the result is 583.923311, within 4 minutes 29 seconds of the actual tropical conjunction period of EVS (583.9201972 days). 
In Daniel's vision, he notes that there are three persons, one on the near shore, one on the far and one upon the waters of a river, in the center.  He's described as clothed and exquisite.  Taking the center of 1215.027624 and 1216 (355 days ahead) is the median value of 1215.51381 years.  The average (center) of the tropical and sidereal year is 365.249376 days.  The meeting place of these EVS conjunctions (either superior or inferior, but not both) occurs every 7th of 12 constellations (although more than 7 months apart).  7/12 = .583333;   583.9201972 - 365.2421896 = 218.678 which is 215.5393 degrees. 583.92 days x (360/365.2421896) = 575.5393 degrees total minus 360 is the 215.5393 degrees.  Multiplied by 3.5 yields 754.3878 degrees which is 2.0955217 trips around the 360 degree circle of the Mazzaroth.  By the way 4 x 575.5393 = 2302.1572 degrees.
1215.51381 x 2.0955217 = 2547.135877 years; 2547.135877 times the sidereal/tropical average 365.249376 is a total of 930,339.74 days.
Now if you think this value of 1215.51391 years is ambiguous or contrived, consider this:
1215.51391 / (1260+1290+1335) = .312873568. 
Daniel 8:14 describes a reconciliation or cleansing of the SANCTUARY after 2300 mornings and evenings (break down the "days" in a concordance and it is mornings & evenings in the original text).  Multiply 2300 by .312873568 and the result is an ambiguous 719.6092066 value, (OR IS IT?).  719.6092066 minus the tropical year of 365.2421896 days and the result is 354.3670170 days.  The Lunar year is 354.3670656 days, a difference of .0000486 days or 4.2 SECONDS.  This 1215.513 year value of Venus reconciles (the solar and lunar year within 4.2 seconds  with the 2300 mornings and evenings!!!
Nisan 1 is the day the Temple is cleansed (Ezekiel 45:18).  Nisan 1 is the SPRING EQUINOX.  The spring equinox moves due to lunar-solar precession.  At Jesus birth, Venus and Saturn sat on the Spring equinox at the star ALPHA Pisces.  Currently, the Spring Equinox sits on OMEGA Pisces.  Multiplying 2300 times the ideal period as Venus appears a morning star (292.193 days) and the other ideal half-cycle as it appears an evening star (292.193 days) or a total ideal period of 584.38747 days (2300 x 584.38747 days = 1,344,091.1 days which is 3680 years.  A great WEEK of HEPTAD of 3680 years is 25,760 years.  NASA estimates precession of the equinoxes takes somewhere between 25,500 years and 26,000 years as it has 'perturbations' or slight variations in rate of equinox movement. 
Sidereal 365.256363004 - Tropical 365.2421896 = .014734 days difference or 50.29192 arc-seconds per year or 25,769.55 years for the Tropical year equinox to return 360 degrees. 25769.55 minus 25760 = 9.55 years difference or .03705% WELL WITHIN THE PERTERBATION DIFFERENCES.  
Now I said all of that to say this:  Mathematically, the 1215 year period I spoke of before should actually take 1255 years or 785 cycles of EVS conjunctions based on the tropical year.  The average of 1215 and 1295 ((1260+1290+1335)/3) is 1255.  I don't know if anyone has ever recognized this, but if a conjunction occurs on either equinox, 1255 years later on the 157th Octaeteris, it will occur AGAIN ON THE EQUINOX, even though the EQUINOX MOVES approximately 17.53 degrees during that time. 
So in those four numbers, 1260 (apparent), 1290, 1335 and 2300 of Daniel's VISITOR, all of the orbital mechanics of the Earth, Sun, Moon and Venus are contained as well as Lunar-Solar Precession!
As I said before, I believe Daniel was careful to date his vision and Cyrus is well documented, time wise:  I believe the start date for this is  Julian day 1525759.5.
Add 930,338 or 9 days and the date is Julian 2,456,098 or 99, which is the SUMMER SOLSTICE 2012 June 19th or 20th.  'As the summer draws near'!!!!  
Dan. 12:6 And [one] said to the man clothed in linen, which [was] upon the waters of the river, How long [shall it be to] the end of these wonders?
Dan 12:7 And I heard the man clothed in linen, which [was] upon the waters of the river, when he held up his right hand and his left hand unto heaven, and sware by him that liveth for ever that [it shall be] for a time, times, and an half; and when he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people, all these [things] shall be finished.
Now I certainly don't want everyone going out and cashing in your stocks and buying survival gear for 2012, but I would say be ready TODAY to meet your MAKER.  TODAY IS THE DAY OF SALVATION!  If you are ready today, it doesn't matter what the future date will be.  While I may have certainly found something worth investigation, it is certainly subject to flaw on my part.  I can assure you, while there may be some minor typos or minor calculations, that the core interpretation and math is sound and has been checked and rechecked multitudes of times.  

Consider that June 6, 2012 is 45 years after the 6 day war in 1967 when the Israelis captured Jerusalem.  It would seem a generation of 45 years is a dead-line at the summer solstice of 2012.  By the way, a transit of Venus between earth and the sun (Ecliplse of sorts) will occur on 6/6/2012.
Someone wrote a few weeks ago regarding the total 3885 divided by the difference between 1260 and 1335, which is 75.  They noticed that the quoteint was 51.8, in similitude to the degrees of the Pyrimids of Egypt.  I don't know if that is true (pyramid angle) or if they noticed that 51.8% of 3885 is 2012.43, which is the exact JUNE 6, 2012 date:  Even if Daniel knew the calculations and gave all the clues in the text, there is no HUMAN way he could have anticipated our Gregorian calendar which didn't go into effect until after the first millennium, much less reckon the transit date within two weeks by a calendar that wasn't invented yet. Weird huh?  I believe it is proof of Divine Inspiration.  The Creator of the cosmos and the Author of the Bible are one and the same!!
Half of 3885 (1942.5) added to 70 AD when the Temple was destroyed also yields 2012.5.  So, anyway it seems that time period is some sort of deadline.  Time will tell whether or not its true.  

It seems to me though that a prophetic year would bear some resemblance to the actual times designed into the sun, moon and stars FOR SIGNS AND SEASONS AND DAYS as per the purposes he made them for.  It would also seem that He made man with the capacity to properly understand them.  Love the Lord thy God with ALL of your heart, soul and MIND!!!  The prophecy was sealed until now, when knowledge has greatly increased and people can instantly travel to and fro via this internet.
Blessings in Christ,
Kevin Heckle Sr.

P.S. For many months I have struggled whether or not  to post this information as I'm not fond of date setters or of setting dates.  I guess this was at least the opportunity to let someone know of the possibility.  I doubt many will read the entire thing or believe it as it is difficult to comprehend (even for Daniel) and eyes glaze over with numbers.  Anyhow, I apologize for overwhelming you with information you didn't ask for, it sort of poured out.  There are multitudes of other orbital parameters contained in the ratios, sums and differences  of 1260, 1290 and 1335.  Primarily though, they describe the Earth, Sun, Moon and Venus.  Jesus last recorded Words in Revelation is referring to himself as the bright and morning star.