Elliot Hong (12 Jan 2011)
"Re: Jan Mikael, The Birth in the Danish Royal Family & the Rapture"

Dear Jan and Doves:
Appreciation for your kind word.
I always read your letters and be blessed by them.
Enjoyed to read your dreams and visions as well.
I believe the vision your daughter had will become a reality very soon.
The New Era will begin very shortly as the radiant warriors who are filled with the power and the glory of the Lord go out to the 
four corners of the world, and the great change will come to the earth.
In my opinion, these warriors could be specially chosen ones from the raptured Brides.
I agree that the birth in the Danish Royal family has a prophetic meaning, and your interpretation is profound..
As you know, a tragic incident occurred in Arizona on 1/8, and a beautiful 9 years old girl who was born on 911 day was killed.
911 was the turning point that America could return to G-d, instead became rebellious further, and now the judgment is unavoidable.
If this shooting incident is 10 day warning, by exclusive day count it will be 1/19 which is read backward as 911. 
As it's introduced before, John Lawler received a prophetic word on Dec.30 last year, and it said, "My son, when the moon is in the
top of it's phase, there will be an explosion that will rock this nation unlike anything that has ever occurred."
According to Calvin, John believes "in the top of its phase" is the full moon, 1/19, and also tells of a message he received just prior
to "911" and just afterwards.
I don't watch movies on TV these days, but on the day of Christmas, I was switching around the channel, and ended up to watch
"National Treasure" on USA channel for a while, and was very much intrigued to see how a clue leads to another clue, one after another
to search the treasure.
On that day, I learned there was the 7.3 earthquake near New Caledonia, and through a Google search, found out that it is known as
the Island closest to Heaven.
I knew right away it was a clue from the Lord that the time will be extended a little longer, but not too long, and that I suppose to keep
following clues.
     "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you."
                                                                                                              (Matthew 7:7)
Let's keep the faith that the Blessed Hope will be a reality soon.
Looking forward meeting you soon with all the Doves!