Jan Mikael (10 Jan 2011)
"Re. to Elliot Hong about 1/11/11 - and the twins born in the Danish Royal Family, Saturday 8.1.2o1o."

Dk, 1o.1.2o1o, dear Elliot !

I like to read youre letter's on Five Doves, they are so interesting and you
always have a fascinating information and thought's.
So also with your letter 1.11.11. - I agree in your conclusion's, both about
the 33 miner's from Sct.Joseph mine in Chile, 'taken up and out of the
Earth's 'Womb' into  the Day-Light' - it reminded me of Joseph, taken out of
the dark Faraoh prison, and placed in the Light, close to Faraoh's throne. -
Praise the Lord. - so now we have to see what happen to us !

Saturday 8.1.2o11, I have a special experience when our Danish Crownprincess
Mary, on a 'Saturday' for the third (3.) time gave birth, this time to
twins, a son and then a daughter, (she now have four children) the staff of
the Hospital called it a 'Dream-Delivery' - she gave birth on the normal

First to a Male-child 10,30 am, and - 26 min. later - to a Female-child
10,56 am.

It's not the first time, our old Danish Royal family, act. symbolic, the
Crownprince is born in the Royal family of our Queen. And our Beautiful
Charming Crownprincess she is born in a normal Australian family, from the
Island of Tasmania. - my experience this time, it reminded me about, the
actuel situation in Christianity, and it gave me this thought's about the
given birth to

1. - a-Male-Child (a Prince represent - ('the first Taken Away')

2. - a-Female-Child (a Princess represent - ('Rapture of the Bride')

I always have seen the parable 'Ten Virgins' as one Event, - like friends of
the bridegroom the night before the Wedding/Coronation, ready to light Him
in to he's tent, and then always stay with Him.
followed by The second Event, the Rapture of the Bride. - I believe in it's
Two Event's - Situation !

feel free to give comment's and thought's !
In the love of Jesus, Maranatha, ybic, Jan Mikael - jami@paradis.dk