Robert Belanger (15 Feb 2012)
"Re: Arlene."

Dear Arlene,
This is in response to your message:
Thank you to John, and all the Doves...
First, I want to agree with you wholeheartedly that the Five Doves site is a great blessing for those like you and myself who have few in our lives that understand the meaning and importance of Bible prophecy, especially as we see the rapid approach of the final days before the rapture/resurrection of the Bride of Christ.
Second, I like you feel that I am blessed to be getting to know some of the folks who write here, e.g., Ron Reese, Mathman, Gerry Almond, Daniel Matson and Marilyn Agee, to mention just a few. Without the gift from God of the Internet and personal computers such would be unknown and we would be very limited in ways to cope with our "true believer obsession" as you refer to in your message.
Third, I want to take a moment to focus on your encouraging words and Christian love. I truly appreciate what you are doing here and want to urge you to continue. Writing here can be so veru helpful to many who need prayers, who need help making decisions, or who are interested in learning more about Bible prophecy and how it will impact our lives profoundly in the near future.
May God continue to bless and comfort you in these perilous days.
With lots of love,