Arlene (14 Feb 2012)
"Thank you to John, and all the Doves..."

Dear John....(this is the first time I've ever written a "dear John" letter)

I couldn't let another minute go by without thanking you and God for this wonderful website.  For so many years I've been all alone in watching for our Lord's arrival.  My heart was aching with losing friends, but mostly in losing my children over my seeming "obsession" with the bible and the rapture.  Churches are so filled with unbelievers now, and the bottom line seems to be increasing the congregation and supplying the monetary needs rather than spiritual fulfillment.

This site, to me, fulfills Hebrews 10:25 mandate...."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is;  but exhorting one another:  and so much more, as ye see the day approaching."

Every day I look forward to each and every letter and to hear the different opinions and revelations.  It's almost as though I'm getting t! o know the different people who write in.  I no longer feel alone.  Everyone on this site is doing what we were put here to do....put all our information together and all learn from each other.

God bless you, John, and all the other "Doves"....with all my heart!!