JMS (14 Feb 2012)
"the Almighty God's Children of the Ligth !"

When God gave Isaiah this vision in chpt. 8, it was a promise for our time to,

ment as a sign for Israel then and now, both in the modern state and all over

the earth.

God know exactly where all Israel are !!! - read the whole chpt. 8th - and

then re-read verse 18. - verse 10-18.v. is for our time.

then read in book of Rev. 3:7-13.v.

Jesus is the Lion of Judah, who have the Key of David's, - so if we believe in

it, we belong to Jeus Christ, - who and what are we then ????????

in the love from Jesus, ><> * - jms.

PS. it's more importent to know who you belong to, and to be prepared,
than to know the exact escape time, but still be in a deep slumber !!!