Frank R Molver (8 Feb 2012)
"re China breakwater dragon tsunami, photo"

This link below is the image on google I found of the harbor in Shanghai.
In the center you will see a road going out to sea to a deep water port
I can't seem to copy it so please look at the link below..,122.169342&spn=0.662741,1.229095&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=39.047881,78.662109&hnear=China&t=h&z=10
The shape of a dragon head is pretty obvious, with the road being the tail.
I searched the east coast of China for a breakwater that looked like a dragon based on a Nicole Poon prophetic sketch
See my previous post re that.
It spoke of a tsunami hitting a breakwater dragon in China.
Most of you know that this is the Chinese year of the dragon
Shanghai is well known in dragon mythology
The 2nd tallest building in the world is there and it has a dragon shape
There is a beautiful bridge shaped like a dragon
A dragon lantern festival
And from what I see a dragon shape in the harbor from a satellite view.
China has become very powerful and proud
Shanghai is the 2nd largest city in the world, 23 million people
The world seems to think that China can bail them out of economic crisis.
China has also put the squeeze on Israel and supports world terror.
So, though they boast of their power, I think God may humble them
I believe this prophetic sketch drawn by Nicole Poon, a new Christian from Hong Kong, is true.
I believe it will probably happen this year.