Frank Molver (6 Feb 2012)
"re vision of failed China breadwater"

This is again from N. Poon.
I found the Japan tsunami video below describing how a breakwater can amplify the destruction
I was curious re the prophetic sketch by Nicole
The term dragon breakwater caught my eye.
So I googled and focused on Shanhai, it appears to have a beakwater shaped like a dragon.
Shanghai is a huge city.
The shape of the dragon can be seen on this link.
It is an expressway heading southeast of the city onto a little peninsual
I can't say it is a breakwater but it does have the shape of a dragon in this link below,122.169342&spn=0.662741,1.229095&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=39.047881,78.662109&hnear=China&t=h&z=10
These are the words under the drawing
6 January 2012/ In my prayer I told God "let me know what should I do right now because I indeed need to know more exactly under my current situation." God showed a image of a Asian girl in blue cloak was praying (not me). The tsunami was coming and a breakwater with a dragon head could not stop it . Some pieces of cloth were hung flying in strong winds. After seeing that,I asked God what the meaning of this tsunami in Japan was.And then God replied that it was not in Japan, was near east coast of China.