Frank R Molver (20 Feb 2012)
"David's vision of Alien abduction, #10"
I can see now why this is so difficult for you.
Like the one with everything brown around your Florida residence which is a very green environment now.
Perhaps these are post rapture scenes.
I recall a preacher a long time ago stating that the snatching away was for the wicked.
Another reason for men's hearts failing them in the last days, terror.
There is some scripture that implies that.
Also there was a movie of alien ships snatching away people.
I discussed this with a friend who also experienced hell and the demons.
Funny how Hollywood can portray demons so accurately.
Either they have seen them or they are inspired by them.
Like the music you mentioned getting rid of, so too movies.
Some of it plants demonic stuff right in our soul.
So I am one that can see this happening.
Nicole Poon's sketches indicate occasionally that transport to heaven some times involves ships.
So there would be good ships and bad ones.
My friend who saw one in his youth said it felt very evil.
But Satan is also an imitator, soon a false resurrection.
The one ship you saw looked like a train
People were being forced into it.
Reminded me of the Nazi's forcing the Jews to death camps
Deja vu all over again, all over again, all over again.