David Anderson (17 Feb 2012)
"Vision in the night."


I have to say that for the past several weeks I have been on the threshing floor of the Lord.  I realize is that through five doves it has challenged me so much in the area of constant checking my self. One must be careful with the internet their allot of wolves in sheep's clothing but I thank God for discernment. If something just dont seem right check the word of God and ask the holy spirit to reveal the truth. Well I slipped up and lost my cool with some brother and sister in christ and I sinned in my anger but the Lord dealt with me so strong I thought I lost my salvation. I have come through the fire and I cant change the past but what a wonderful God we have that He can wash away the sin If we truly are sorry. Well the Lord started using me sharing some scriptures on face book and I was instantly attacked by old friends who never seen my faith in God and It was like the accuser was at my throat instantly. Here is what I posted . If anyone really wants to know about whats going on with Israel ,Syria, Egypt ,russia etc. One just needs to read Jeremiah 49:23,25 Isaiah 17,19  followed by psalms 83 ezekial 38 and daniel 9;27. It was as if I threw a rock in bees nest. The persecution was fantastic and was a pleasure to receive it for it reminded me i am truly His child. But I was beside myself that both are catholic and one went to a private catholic school and I didnt want to go on the attack but just stated " it is undeniable that these scriptures are right on target and was as if you were reading the news". The Lord quickly reminded me that the Gospel is foolishness for those who are perishing. Wow! How can they have a chance when I know the truth and I am in tears begging God every night to lead me into the narrow way please God dont let me stray I want to be accounted worthy of escape. And the world just laughs at the christians who warn them and the true elect begs those who think there safe but even they are on the broad path. It just blows my mind!! And I want to thank Nicole for her posts I have been at the Kings table learning and getting nourished by the word while we still have time. So I listened to the the entire study of the man child and was so blessed It gave me hope and a peace Im ok Im on track but at same time the Holy spirit was tutoring me in one ear saying Dave you have to stop listening to the music you have been listening to and throw it in trash. I repented of my addiction to the world in the form of music and bought some black gospel music WOW so refreshing. Ok ready ? God has surely given me an ear to hear and eyes to see. When I got saved I had many visions and many people got saved for I was a vessel used by God. I have not had a vision of such incredible detail than last night after I prayed and asked God to reveal himself to me and direct me into the narrow gate. It began I was in a field between 4-5 story brick dorm room houses and every one was looking out their windows and there were some around me on the ground. Suddenly I look up into the night sky and there was like several bright stars in the shape of a cross and then a space craft that came from this like mother ship and like lightning fast zipped down and hovered and landed in a near by hidden field. Then like a train a train shaped gigantic craft came rushing above the roof tops and all the people were being transported to this train like ship and they were terrified and screaming. It was so clear and extremely detailed how I saw each face and what shoes they were wearing and it was like a bright light around them as in the movie IT stephen king. I awoke exactly 315 and wrote it all down and said to the Lord Wow god what does this mean and I was reminded in my spirit that when i asked God about the strange noises that were being heard He immediately showed me to Jeremiah 25;31 and Joel 3;11 which actually reads "Assemble yourselves , and come all ye heathen and gather yourselves roundabout,thither cause thy mighty ones to come down , oh Lord. " I have seen movie trailers in past about people getting transported by light beams . If people see John 3;16 and say oh thats nice and dont even want to discuss 1 thessalonians 4;13 God help them with Isaiah 13:3, 4,   or Jeremiah 25:31  God help the Joel Olsteens when the rapture happens for they will tear him limb from limb. See you in the air for it was by His grace I made it ! I welcome any input from everyone.

In Jesus