Elliot Hong (7 Feb 2012)
"I still believe in this timeframe(2/5-2/11)"

Dear Doves:
I remember someone had a vision of "2011/2012" a few days before the New Year Eve
and Ezekiel 12:22-25 was given to another watchmen.  My understanding for this was
that the Almighty allows just little more time as the New Year rolls in.  This was why I
watched Jan 8 very closely.  Then additional clues were given through the miraculous
game on Jan 8, and a timeframe of 2/5-2/11 was figured out from them.
Although the 46th Super Bowl ended without any disaster, I still think this timeframe is
right.  I thought Feb 5/6 is the full moon day, but according to Calvin Feb 7/8 is the full
moon day which is 24 moons(8+8+8) at the same location of "Sickle of LEO" from the
8.8 Concepcion EQ.  And Kelly had a vision of 888.
For Madonna & The Halftime Show, "His beloved" of RITA wrote "I noticed even on the
secular forums they are saying it is the largest satanic ritual they have ever witnessed
that was so public."  So it makes sense to me that the Judgment begins after America's
"drunken party" of the Super Bowl and the satanic ritual are allowed first.   A lady's
dream as below could be a confirmation of this.  She felt shaking(drunkenness) first,
then saw destruction later.
Therefore, it's very possible that the Judgment could begin on Feb 7/8 as a big explosion
occurs in the top of its phase and the Departure follows on Feb 11.
Because an urgent message of many visions, dreams and prophetic words is consistent,
my belief is that it won't go over Feb 11 delaying further to the feast of Purim or Passover.
I strongly believe that the Almighty intervened the Broncos' game not only to promote
"John 3:16" and "Tim Tebow" but more importantly to give definite clues to the Bride, and
if it goes over Feb 11, it doesn't make sense anymore in my opinion.
Again, this is just my personal belief, hope and prayer.