Elliot Hong (4 Feb 2012)
"It Makes Sense"

Dear Doves:
Thanks to Steve K & Alan T for your encouragement.
In the previous letter, I wrote that on Feb.11 last year, the Egyptian people were freed
from the dictator, Mubarak, and this incident could be a parallel that the Israelites were
freed from Pharaoh and 1 year warning.  Jonathan heard from the Lord on Jan.6 "Behold
I am at the door, be ready like the Israelites to leave at Any Moment."
We all know the root of NWO (Illuminati, Freemason...) is from the Egypt, so it makes
sense to me that we'll be freed on Feb.11 from the NWO's take over after the Judgment
begins on Feb.5/6.
We'll know very soon.