Pineman (16 Feb 2011)
"Corey Anne - Holidays & Pre-Wrath"

Dear Corey Anne & Doves:

Thank you for sharing the struggles & joys that are involved in adhering to a rather unpopular calendar that is both religious and scientific, and exclusive of all others.  When following the days of such a calendar personal relationships can become more complicated for sure, especially when they are emotionally invested in maintaining the status quo.

I wish we could find a more biblically based word than the word rapture also.  I know the concept is within the pages of scripture but the word itself comes from a Latin translation. I still hold to a pre-tribulation, pre 70th Week Departure and that the whole church will be gone before the ink is dried on the confirmation of the covenant. I'm not so sure about another Snatching Away occurring in the midst of the 70th Week except for the two witnesses and maybe the 144,000.  I am even less sure of a Leaving occurring toward the end of Daniel's 70th Week.