Corey Anne (15 Feb 2011)
"Pineman and Linda"

Thank you, Pineman, for the scriptures and your kind response.  And Linda, you have far exceeded my dedication thus far.  I have not yet had the courage to explain my actions to my parents or to reveal to them my beliefs regarding the pagan holidays I will not celebrate.  I don't see them that often, so the biggest shocker would be over Christmas.  This past December, my kids and I celebrated Hanukkah - NOTHING MORE - while my husband watched us just scratching his head.  We painted dreidels and spun them for chocolate coins.  We lit our menorah and plugged in our electric one.  Everything we did was so foreign to us and felt so weird - but so right.  However, we sang in our church's celebrations.  Thankfully they were more on the worship side and not the traditional carols.  We also went to my parents' and exchanged gifts.  That felt completely wrong, and I was so ashamed.  I won't do it next year, but I must find a gentle way to make them understand.  This will be quite difficult, so I'm not sure what I will face.  It can't be any worse than what Jesus experienced, so I'm game.  My husband has been complaining about the tree in the top of our garage that didn't get used this year to everyone.  I thought I made it clear to him what my Lord had revealed to me, but he didn't quite get it.  I also had two children with birthdays in November and December that passed quietly and without all the revelry of past years.  But amazingly, my children don't bat an eye when I tell them what we no longer can celebrate without dishonoring our Heavenly Father.  They simply ask if they can have friends over at a different time.  Along with all the holidays, I axed satan clause, the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, etc.  The greatest loss I've felt from my kids is when my youngest daughter lost a tooth recently and asked if she could still put it under her pillow and have mommy-tooth-fairy retrieve it.  It's at those times that satan pulls the most at my sentimental emotions, but I know whom I serve. Our abstaining from man-days began with our first Passover week-long celebration last year, and my children loved it!  That's when I knew that these little people who have complete faith in Him could "hang with me on this".  So thank you for your good words.  They are sorely appreciated.
I also don't know what to think about this word rapture.  I have yet to find it Biblical, but I do know my Christ will return prior to our Father's wrath being poured out, and we will be transfigured.  What say you?
Living only for His glory,
Corey Anne