Jim Goodrick (11 Feb 2011)
"Chloros green and FrankenFood; Rev. 6:8  ( bc )"

John and Doves,

In Rev. 6:8 it tells of a pale horse bringing death. The scholars have defined "pale" as "chloros " or green ----
as bc's memo stated yesterday ... "green" being symbolic of Islam ( Irving Baxter ). That interpretation could be substantiated by the fact that Rev. 6:8  uses the word "sword" . So that is a possible interpretation.

Rev. 6:8  also states that this chloros-green-pale horse causes death by "hunger". We believe that this massive death by "hunger" will be caused by the following information. ..... 

It is well known that our vegetables and fruits all consist of green leaves. ( chlorophyll ).
In this last generation, the food industry has undergone a "Green Movement ", also known as the
"Green Revolution"

The agenda of the Green Revolution is to harvest genetically modified crops or foods.( GMO ).
The United States led the world in this Revolution, and Europe banned any of our GMO foods. 
That is changing even now as England is ready to accept GMO crops.
http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2011/feb/06/genetically-modified-crops-uk -- Feb. 5, 2011

GMO foods are death in two ways...

1. As FrankenFood, no one knows exactly how the genetic seed code has been modifed ( manipulated ).
Frankenfood has become a mad scientist's dream. The possibilities are endless. It crosses species.

Since FrankenFood deviates from God's natural food, then GMO foods can only end eventually in death.

"Three features distinguish this new kind of food. First and most important, the food is altered at the genetic level in ways that could never occur naturally.
As genes from plants, animals, viruses, and bacteria are merged in novel ways,
the normal checks and balances that nature provides to keep biology from running amok are nullified.

Exactly how genes work is a topic of enormous complexity and some controversy, so it is difficult if not impossible to predict what will happen when individual combinations of genes are created in ways that have never been seen before -- and then released into the environment."

It seems possibly ironic that the GMO industry claims that they will solve world hunger, but will it in fact cause world hunger ?

2. The food monopoly is now no longer self-perpetuating... these "owned" seeds are programmed to not multiply ( lest the masses want to have gardens of their own ).

 " Big Ag, such as Monsanto, used genetic science to create the Terminator Seed. It is a seed that doesn't re-produce.
You are forced to continually buy seed from them. Also, if a farm uses their seed is next to yours, and cross polinization happens, Monsanto, or some other big ag player will sue, and win. It's already happened.

So "green chloros" may have many meanings. We believe this to be a well-targeted meaning also.

Jim Goodrick