BC (9 Feb 2011)
"Chloros (pale green) horse video"

I was very interested in the video that seems to show a pale green horse and rider in the crowd of protesters in Egypt.
I read fivedoves regularly, although I also listen to a post trib ministry www.endtime.com and Pastor Irving Baxter.
I wanted to share what his ministry has been saying about the pale green horse of Revelations.  I believe that Baxter has been teaching this for at least the last two years.
Most Bible translations use the phrase "pale horse" in the well known scriptures pertaining to the four horses of the Apocalypse.  A few years ago Baxter discovered that the Greek word interpreted as "pale" is actually "chloros", and it is translated "green" in all the other places in scripture.  Perhaps the translators hesitated at writing a green or pale green horse since such a creature does not exist in nature.
Baxter thinks it should have been translated as "green" and says this color is symbolic of Islam.   For example, green was Muhammad's favorite color, it is in most flags of the Muslim countries, and we see it worn by Hamas.
He teaches that the four horses are symbolic of:  Black=capitalism, Red=communism, white=Catholicism, and green=Islam
Now the question, "Could the video be a sign for those who are watching for the Lord's return?"  I don't agree with everyone who sees the Virgin Mary in a grilled cheese sandwich, but this video is definitely different.   Nothing is impossible with God, including speaking to us through photographs and videos.
Several years ago I had an aunt whom I often talked to about spiritual subjects and the Christian faith that she had followed as a child.  I thought it was interesting that in a few photographs of me, there were some "signs" that she noticed and even shocked her.  In one, I was in front of a Christmas tree and an "angel" actually looked like it was on my shoulder.   In another outdoor photo, the sunlight from the roof actually reflected down on my shoulder like a beam of light.  She gasped when she saw that one!  I don't say this to promote myself, but I believe God was showing her that I was the one who was speaking the words of Life and Light.  bc