Fay (16 Feb 2011)
"Ed re The Shroud"

Hi John and Doves,
Ed - what a brilliant take on assessing the age of The Shroud. Your post:
I also have a theory that the Shroud was meant to create controversy, simply to keep it in the public consciousness. The documentary, The Real Face of Jesus, pretty much seals the scientific fact that no man-made inks, paints or dyes were used to create the Shroud. The 3D information, imbedded into the weave, is also a proven miracle. Not one secular scientist can argue with it. The only thing "they" can cling on to is the supposed age of the cloth. This has kept the beautiful mystery of the Shroud, a hot topic.
These idiots can try and cook up all sorts of "facts" to mislead people but their clumsy attempts are no match for the utter brilliance of our LORD.
I thought your theory was wonderful. Original and, quite easily, the correct one.