Ed (15 Feb 2011)
"To Fay :re The Shroud."

Hey Fay:
I have only one thought that I think of when the Shroud of Turin is referenced.  The documentaries I've seen have all had issues with the date the shroud would have been created.  Many want to say its a forgery because their dating methods don't make it old enough.
Silly scientist.  As a counselor once told me about the human ego (the Fraudian ego, not the "hey look at me I'm great" ego).  He said, "It knows what it knows, and it doesn't know what it doesn't know, but it thinks that what it knows is all there is to know."  Don't worry, it'll make sense in a few minutes.  The point is, the scientist know what all of their dating methods should show on a piece of cloth, and refuse to take into account the one thing they don't know.  And that thing is this:
If that truly is the cloth that covered Jesus at His death, that means during His resurrection, a power hit that cloth that no one in this world understands.  A supernatural life giving force that broguht Jesus up from the dead.  Who could calculate what impressions such a force would make on cloth, and how it could easily nullify any known science.  In fact, I would think a life giving force would transfer on to that cloth making it seem newer than it actually is.  Revitalizing many of the molcules, as it were.
Anyway, just my thoughts on the Shroud of Turin.