John B (25 Dec 2016)
"Revelation 12......Is the proof in the pudding?.....grape pudding?"


 Last week I posted an article about the two signs in the heavens that are described in Revelation 12.

The great sign spoken of in verse 1 of that chapter will appear next September indicating a birthing and the second red dragon sign I believe will appear as per Isaiah 66 sometime before September most likely in the spring indicating yet another birthing.

In my post from last week I indicated that the September birthing would (in my opinion) be the arrival of the 7 year tribulation period and the arrival of the two end time witnesses. And the second spring red dragon sign / birthing would be the catching up or rapture of the church.

This week I would like to back up, reinforce or validate those thoughts with other scripture verses and to also indicate what modern day science has to say concerning this topic.

I am sure that many of you have watched the modern day scientific enactments on YouTube of what this red dragon celestial object (Nubiru, Planet X, planet 9, red cachena,etc.) is supposed to do when it arrives. According to the analysis this red colored celestial object is suppose to have two encounters with coming at us before it orbits the sun and then we (the earth) pass through it's orbit trail after it orbits the sun and departs.

These two encounters with this celestial object (as per their scientific analysis) are supposed to be separated by approximately 150 days. In the first encounter, as this object approaches, strong gravitational pulling on our earth will cause severe earthquakes, volcanoes, tidal waves, etc.. Then approximately 150 days later after this red planet has circled the sun, the earth traverses or passes threw this red object’s heavily laden debris field and will then encounter / collide with assorted manors of asteroids and / or space rocks.

So now lets compare that scientific analysis with what scripture has to say and see if there could be an agreement or common ground between the two.

Scripture in Revelation 12 points out the great sign in the heavens that we know (from science) will appear on or near 23 September 2017. And as per verse 2..... that that event appears to be accompanied by great labor pains or in this case extreme turmoil on the earth. Would that agree or those conditions agree with the scientific view of the earth passing through the debris field of the red planet after it circles the sun? Yes

Isaiah 66 states that before these labor pains in September even begin or this great turmoil starts....... that the man child, Jesus' seed or His church is birthed or caught up or raptured. When might that be?

If we now mix the scientific with scripture and subtract 150 days from 23 September (which is the scientific period between the two events of the coming and going of the red celestial object) we get approximately April 23 as a date of the “close” arrival of this red dragon planet. Which means that it will also be a rough proximity date of the birthing of the man child or.........the rapture of the church.

This spring rapture date would agree with Isaiah 18 and the The Song of Solomon which both indicate a spring or early summer rapture. I say this because both of those areas of scripture that deal with the rapture “key in” on one particular object or event......grapes. Both of these areas of scripture indicate a rapture happening when grapes are in a particular condition.

Isaiah 18 states “the timing” this way.....”and the sour grape is ripening in the flower”....

The Song of Solomon states “the timing” this way.....”and the vines with the tender grapes give a good smell”....

So sometime after 23 April and before 23 September when the above mentioned grape conditions are met..........I expect the rapture of the church. You may be able to narrow the rapture date if you can ascertain God's grape riddles above.

Are there other areas of scripture that speak to the very same scenario that I have described above? Yes

The same “two birth” scenarios I addressed above only with specific and greater details appear in Revelation 6 and Revelation 8. The effects of red dragon / ninth planet's arrival are described in detail........ in the details of the sixth seal opening in Revelation 6:12-17.

And the effects upon earth of the red dragon / ninth planet's departure 150 days later where the earth traverses threw this celestial object's debris field are explained in detail (and in much horror) in Revelation 8.

Here in Revelation 6, during the sixth seal’s “loving intervention” by Jesus Christ.....not judgment....we see the church taken home which agrees with Isaiah 66 and Revelation 12 that the rapture happens during the arrival of this red dragon / ninth planet sign in the heavens. Is there evidence and verbiage that the rapture indeed happens there during the sixth seal period? Yes much

We see there at that time that….........a great multitude which no one could number, of all nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues arrive in heaven and stand before the throne and before the Lamb...........This is the man child, Jesus' seed, Jesus' raptured church arriving in heaven just as was described in Revelation 12:5. These are the ones who come (not came) out of the great tribulation meaning that they didn't have to go through it.(Revelation 7:14)

In past posts to Doves I have written much on all the numerous aspects that I believe occur during the period (couple of months) of the sixth seal. Without going into great detail, some of these happenings during the sixth seal period or just after the arrival of the red celestial object would be............

  1. all the physical wide earthquake, black sun, red moon, sky detracting like a scroll, stars (angels) of heaven falling to earth, great physical upheaval....every mountain and island being moved out of their places, all manors of people hiding in caves (reinforced structures)

  2. the great resurrection of hundreds of millions of Christians......the dead in Christ

  3. the great resurrection and restoration of hundreds of millions of Jews, the whole house of Jacob, as is described in Ezekiel 37. Two hundred million of which God retains as His “exceedingly great” end times army (Ezekiel 37:10, Revelation 9:16) which He uses later in the tribulation period to kill a third of the planet....spoken of in Joel 2 and several other areas of scripture. This spirit filled army (Ezekiel 37:14) rides fire breaking horses (Joel 2, Revelation 9)

  4. the selection of the 144,000 descendants / servants from the lineage of Jacob that are chosen from the great resurrection and then sealed and then become Jesus' personal entourage.

  5. The Ezekiel 38 and 39 war with God the Father coming to Israel rescue and exposing “His Face”to Israel enemies

  6. Some of the resurrected “dead in Christ” roaming the earth for a period of time ministering to their loved ones as was the case before Jesus himself resurrected

  7. The combining of the dead in Christ and the alive in Christ to be caught up to meet Jesus in the clouds.

  8. The battle in the sky between Satan's forces and Michael's forces


One more facet of this story line.......the seventh seal.

After all these many bizarre and noteworthy things that appear to happen during the sixth seal, all the seventh seal says is.........”there was silence in heaven for about a half hour”. What does that mean? As per God's timing, how much is about a half hour?

In prior posts I speculated that by the opening of the seventh seal Satan and his fallen angels would have just been ejected from heaven..... and as per scripture......wouldn't be able to accuse Jesus' followers night and day as before. So I speculated that there would then be silence in in no accusations.

But now I am thinking that “this silence” in heaven is referring to the silence or calming of our skies, above the earth (the heavens). What I mean is, that there will be a period of time between when the first event settles down and the start of the second event or..... the period between when the red celestial object first departs and when the earth collides with it's debris field months or weeks later in September. Could this silence / calm period in God's terms be..... about half an hour? I believe so

If one plugs in God's math like.....a day is like a thousand years...... what would one come up with for a duration? I played around with the math and came up with a number of 75 (disregarding decimal points). Could it be that there will be a calm / silent period of about 75 days for the planet to catch it's breath (so to speak) between the two events??? A 75 day widow of calm enabling the Antichrist to step onto the world stage and deceitfully explain the events and also what happened to millions of people before the earth enters the debris field......I am leaning that way.

I tried to reinforce and validate last week's study of the two signs and birthings found in Revelation 12 with other areas of scripture that I believe relay the same message and I believe I did so.......hope you took interest in these connected areas of scripture and the picture that it portrays for the soon future. Am I pouring this scenario and it’s timing in concrete so to speak? No....this is my discernment and I encourage you to dive into the Word and come to your own conclusions.

I believe we all feel like we are very near now....... very near to His coming and this is what I see as the roadmap from now until next September.....with a big trumpet blowing somewhere in between.


Blessings Doves.........John B


P.S. Pray for the divine protection of Donald Trump. The demonic forces of evil (Eph.6:12) are mustering all of their power to prevent Trump from taking office even to the point of taking his life. Pray that God sends a legion of angels to defeat their evil agenda....... not that Trump is a savior but surely he's a big breath of fresh air until Jesus comes for us.