Pineman (13 Dec2011)
"Rudy Wallace -  (AUDIO) The Name of the Antichrist is Apollo"

Dear Rudy & Doves:

After I did the study on Patrick Heron's work concerning the AntiChrist being the spirit man, Apollo, from the pit who was and is not but will be again I felt physically sick for 24 hours. Whenever I pictured people such as President Obama or Tony Blair or some middle eastern despot at the helm of the NWO it seemed close to ridiculous because none of them possess the powers it will take to accomplish all that has been written.

The peoples of the earth will truly be helpless during this upcoming seven years. "King" Apollo was able to corrupt all of human kind, except for eight chosen souls prior to the flood, so I have no doubt that he will be able to bring about hell on earth for a season.

I am still a bit numb as I write this and am looking forward to this coming holiday season and to enjoy the warm feelings of being with friends and family. I honor the birth of Jesus during the time of the Fall Feasts however.