Rudy Wallace (12 Dec 2011)
"Pineman  (AUDIO) The Name of the Antichrist is Apollo -"

 Rick Wiles Interviews Author Patrick Heron
(Cut to the Chase: 27:27~WOW, Talk About Progressive Revelation!)
I agree with Patrick Heron, and once again, if we let the Bible instruct us and take it literally, rather than trying to pin the anti christ tail on some human, we could have a better picture of what is before us.  The anti christ, I believe, will be a supernatural being, (fallen angel), released from those held in chains of darkness from the day's of Noah's flood, and described as the beast rising up from the sea.  This supernatural being will be able to do supernatural things, such as calling fire down from heaven, and the whole world will "marvel" after the beast.
Take a listen to Patrick.  He has found a significant piece of the puzzle........
And remember that we humans do not war against flesh and blood, but against the forces of darkness and the powers of the air.  The anti christ, I believe, will not be a flesh and blood human, but rather a supernatural, evil angel that will at first look like an angel of light