Frank R Molver (3 Dec 2011)
"re Ashdod, Damascus and arc of covenant"
Good letters, esp the research in the first one
Funny thing, when I was in Israel in 1992 I stood on the spot where the arc had rested on it's way back to Jerusalem
Could this be the event that allows the arc to return.
Could be the cornered Syria will be the attack dog
They have pretty much destroyed Lebanon, using it as a staging ground to attack Israel.
Somehowan  attack on Ashdod appears to be the catalist if all this is true, and it makes sense.
Duduman had a vision of an attack coming from Syria while he was at the Sea of Galilee.
It came down the down the valley between Jorday and Syria at the bottom of the Sea of Galilee.
~ ^ Events surrounding this prophecy.
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- June 17, 1996. A dream received by Brother Dumitru Duduman.
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Jerusalem Israel - A dream received by Brother Dumitru Duduman June 17th and 18th, 1996 in Tiberias, Israel. The dream was first received on the 17th and then again on the 18th. For two days afterwards Dumitru was physically sick every time he tried to recount this dream so it could be recorded.

After eight days of traveling through Israel, I asked myself: "Why did I come here? All I see is land and a people that are wicked. Why did I come here? After I thought about this, I prayed and fell asleep.

In this dream the five of us; myself, my two grandsons and the couple we were staying with in Israel, were on the Sea of Galilee in Israel and we were looking around. We noticed how nice and warm it was. A good place for a vacation.

At once, I heard a voice from my left side. It said:

    "You didn't come just for this. Look at me."
      I looked and saw a man in white, shining clothing.
        He was crying with tears running down his cheeks.
"Who are you, and why do you cry?" I asked.
    "I am Jesus Christ, and
      I am looking over my blood relatives and my people for whom I gave my life.
        Their sins have put a wall between God and themselves.
      God has decided to bring back all of the scattered people from the nations.
        Instead of thanking God for watching over them, giving them safe passage, they have become even more wicked than they were in the nations they left.
    I am crying because of the tribulation that is to overcome them.
      They say they keep the Sabbath, but they don't.

      They say they keep my laws, but they do not.

      All the nations of the world have their eyes on this place, thinking that this place is holy. They come to seek holiness, and see an example in this place.

        This place is not holy, but has become defiled.
      Because of this, God has decided to take peace from this country.
        They do not trust in the peace God provides, but
          seek to make their own peace.
        God can no longer stand their sins. Because of their wickedness,
          look and see how punishment will come upon Israel."
I then saw
    a cloud of airplanes, in formation from the left (Golan Heights *) and

    a large army coming from a corner (Yarmouk River valley *)

    with every kind of weapon.

      They had horses, carriages, cars, tanks, and soldiers on foot.
I began to hear screaming from my right, and asked: "Can you stop this?"
    "Until they pass through hard times, they
      will not recognize me as God, and

      will not call upon me for help." He answered.

"You will be sad, and sorrowful when you leave this place," Jesus said
    "but after a time your heart will be full of joy.

    Tell those who love me, that

      I first loved them.
      They will be saved.
      I am the eternal One. I do not change.
    Everything that I have told you will come to pass."
"You will go in peace" Jesus said.
    Then there was a loud roar of thunder, and we were looking for a place to hide because we thought that the war had started. A lightning bolt came down in front of us, but Jesus said:
      "Do not be afraid, you will leave this place in peace.

      Tell the people what you have seen."

* We were visiting the Galilee and I pointed in the direction where the airplanes and army came from, and the people I was staying with identified these places