Homer (2 Dec 2011)
"To those who have been hearing "Ashdod""

Yes, if what I've discovered has to do with some of you hearing Ashdod is a warning, DO pray!!  According to www.goisrael.com/Tourism_Eng/Tourist+Information/Discover+Israel/Cities/Ashdod.htm Ashdod is a vibrant port city along the coast of Israel, prized for its tourism, and where over 100,000 tourists enter and leave the country.
Wikipedia reports:
The Port of Ashdod is one of Israel's two main cargo ports. The port is located in Ashdod, about 40 kilometers south of Tel Aviv, adjoining the mouth of the Lachish River. Its establishment doubled the country's port capacity. It is a major point of entry for both cargo and tourists in and out of Israel, as well as imported military equipment. Ships carrying humanitarian aid for the Gaza Strip also unload their cargo at the port.

Pray for our Lord's chosen ones in Israel....