Elliot Hong (30 Dec 2011)
"Clues of "The Third Day" from Hanukkah"

Dear Doves:
Many of us thought that Hanukkah was perfectly fit for the Departure.  Evidences were
overwhelming.  It's hard to believe that all those evidences will be thrown away.
There must be a connection that Hanukkah leads up to the D-Day.  What could it be?
Let's examine a principle of "The Third Day" first.
1) Yeshua died on the Cross, was buried, then resurrected on the Third Day.  The Bride
    who will be resurrected or transformed into the glorified body should go through the
    same process as Yeshua went through.
    As Yeshua died on the Cross, He dedicated Himself as the Lamb to the Father, then
    was buried in darkness of the tomb. When 8 candles were all lit during last Hanukkah,
    spiritually speaking, the Bride was dedicated to the Father, then as 8 candles went out,
    the Bride was buried in darkness. Now the Bride is in tomb to be resurrected(transformed)
    on the Third Day which is Dec.31, the last Sabbath. Is this a stretch? I don' think so.
2) When the Israelites arrived at the Mt.Sinai, they camped in front of the mountain.
    Then the Lord said to Moses that people should be consecrated and ready by the 
    Third Day, because on that day the Lord will come down in the sight of all the people.
    Then they received the Law including the commandment of the Sabbath.  There was
    an excellent post by Josua the other day.
    In this study, Josua pointed out that Hanukkah has a meaning of "Dedication" as well
    as "Establishing".  The Israelites were established in camp in front of the mountain,
    and prepared for the Third Day, then received the Law of the Sabbath.
    Is this a coincedence or a divine design that the Third Day from the end of Hanukkah
    (Establishing) is the last Sabbath of 2011, then the New Year(New Beginning) starts?
    "John16Me" received "Moses" and "Sabbath" in her dream.  Is there a connection?
    Well, this is all I came up with so far, and I'm sure many of you could contribute more
    ideas.  This is just a study, but let's hope and pray for the coming Sabbath is the Day!
See you soon.