Clay Cantrell (7 Dec 2011)
"re Charles Landis' post, Enoch 84"

thanks to Charles Landis for his post found here:

in addition

Enoch = 7th generation from Adam (see Jude)

7th triangle number = 28

all triangle numbers added through the 28 = 84.


17th triangle number = 153

years ago another reader astutely pointed out this info:

all triangle numbers added through the 17th (153) = 969.

Methuselah = Enoch's grandson.

Methuselah's lifespan from Genesis 5 = 969, the longest lifespan recorded in the Bible.

my comments

Methuselah dies 'out of place', so to speak. he dies at the End, the year of the Flood 1656. thus he is a Last Days type, imho, possibly of the Church Age.